Virtual School Meanderings

July 7, 2013

ProQuest/EBSCO Alerts

proquestBeginning with nothing from the ProQuest Alert for virtual school.

Also, nothing from the ProQuest Alert for cyber school.


Moving on to the EBSCO alert for K-12 online learning, which had nothing this morning.

Also, the EBSCO alert for virtual school.

1. TI- Pearson Education Sales Grew in 2012.
JN- Educational Marketer
PD- 3/11/2013, Vol. 44 Issue 6, p6-7
PG- 2p
DT- 20130311
PT- Article
AB- The article reports that the revenue at North American Education related to Pearson Plc rose to 2.66 billion dollars in the U.S. It mentions that the business of Pearson includes K-12 and higher education publishing. It mentions that the enrollment at for-profit institutions decrease at the community college level.
DE- BUSINESS revenue
SU- HIGHER education
SU- SCHOOL enrollment
CO- PEARSON PLC DUNS Number: 042859199
IS- 00131806
AN- 88412653

Finally, the EBSCO alert for cyber school.

1. TI- News Briefs.
JN- Electronic Education Report
PD- 6/10/2013, Vol. 20 Issue 12, p7-8
PG- 2p
DT- 20130610
PT- Article
AB- The article offers news brief related to educational innovations in the U.S. as of June 10, 2013. Cyber Academy of South Carolina will use curriculum, technology and school services provided by the for-profit education company K12 Inc. Baltimore County public schools selected the Safari Montage Digital Curriculum Presenter to deliver the district’s digital curriculum. McGraw-Hill Education in New York plans to open an office in Boston, Massachusetts.
DE- EDUCATIONAL technology
DE- EDUCATIONAL innovations
DE- CURRICULUM frameworks
DE- PUBLIC schools
SU- NEWS briefs
CO- MCGRAW-Hill Education (Company)
CO- K12 Inc. Ticker: LRN
CO- SAFARI Montage (Company)
IC- 611110 Elementary and Secondary Schools
IS- 10779949
AN- 88318599

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