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June 19, 2013

Congratulations to Texas on Advancing Competency-based Learning and Online Learning

More news from the neo-liberals (although with some factual errors)…

Digital Learning Now!

June 17, 2013

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Digital Learning Now! Congratulates Texas for Offering Expanded Options & Flexibility to 2.5 Million Students

WASHINGTON – On Friday, June 14, 2013, two bills became law in Texas which support next generation models of learning. Texas Senate Bill 1365 supports competency-based learning by allowing students to earn credit for courses by meeting rigorous benchmarks on selected exams. Additionally, House Bill 1926 guarantees every student in grades six through 12 the option to take up to three high quality online courses.

Today, Digital Learning Now!, a national campaign under the Foundation for Excellence in Education with the goal of advancing state policies that create a high-quality digital learning environment, released the following statement regarding the two newly enacted laws:

“Digital Learning Now! congratulates the Lone Star State for taking such an important step forward in advancing course choice and the customization of public education for Texas students in grades six through 12. By expanding course options for approximately 2.5 million students, Texas will ensure a stronger and freer educational future for its students while creating one of the largest online course choice programs in the country – becoming a national leader in supporting next generation models of learning.

“Further, by enacting Senate Bill 1365, the state is allowing greater flexibility on student advancement based on skill and proficiency level instead of ‘seat time.’ By allowing students to earn credit for courses after achieving high scores on state-approved exams, including AP and CLEP exams, the state has placed a strong emphasis on content mastery rather than how long a student is sitting in a classroom. This is a huge step forward in ensuring Texas students earn credit for true mastery of a subject and are able to move on quickly to the next level in their academic pursuits.

“We commend Governor Rick Perry, the bill authors and sponsors, and the entire Texas Legislature for their commitment to advancing these important policies. The real work now begins of implementing these reforms with a commitment to ensuring high quality. We look forward to working with Texas leaders in the months ahead, and we encourage lawmakers to continue to work toward improving, expanding, and strengthening policy related to online and blended learning opportunities for all students.”

To learn more about these bills, check out Digital Learning Now’s summaries and analysis of Senate Bill 1365 (Credit by Exam) and House Bill 1926 (Online Course Choice).

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Digital Learning Now! is a national campaign under ExcelinEd with the goal of advancing state policies that will create a high-quality digital learning environment to better equip all students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in this 21st-century economy. The policy framework stems from the belief that access to high-quality, customized learning experiences should be available to all students, unbounded by geography or artificial policy constraints.

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