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May 26, 2013

Webinar: Sloan-C Teaching Certificate Program

From Thursday’s inbox…

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FREE WEBINARMay 28, 2013 (2pm ET)

The Sloan-C Certificate Program: Case Studies from Alumni

Find out what the Sloan-C Institute Certificate Program is all about and how it can benefit your teaching career.

Hear from Certificate Program alumni as they share their experiences of how they benefited from the program, and determine whether this program is right for you. Learn more about the 9-week Foundation Course that kicks-off the certificate program, and all of the electives and specialization options available. During this live session, you will get a chance to meet other potential certificate program candidates, certificate program alumni, program mentors and Sloan-C staff and ask any questions that you may have to determine if this learning opportunity is a good fit for your needs and professional development goals.


Specialize Your Certificate Program!
You may choose from a wide variety of Sloan-C workshops for your 3 electives and you may specialize your program if you choose electives from a specific track: – Online Design
– Online Learners
– Online Tools
– Online Management
Or choose either the Mobile Learning Mastery Series or Blended Learning Mastery Series progams for your electives to specialize in those topics.

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