Virtual School Meanderings

May 26, 2013

ProQuest/EBSCO Alerts

proquestContinuing this new feature, first with the ProQuest Alert for virtual school.

1. Portland to offer virtual school option
Lansing State Journal [Lansing, Mich] 19 May 2013: 8.

Full text

Next, nothing from the ProQuest Alert for cyber school.

ebscoMoving on to the EBSCO alert for virtual school – where there were also no items.

Finally, from the EBSCO alert for cyber school.

TI- EER State Spotlight: New Mexico Adds Cyber Academy and Strengthens High School Requirements. (Cover story)
JN- Electronic Education Report
PD- 5/4/2007, Vol. 14 Issue 9, p1-3
PG- 3p
DT- 20070504
PT- Article
AB- The article reports that New Mexico has approved the plans for the adoption of a cyber academy in the fall of 2008 and provides information on its initiatives to strengthen its high school requirements. It states that the plans will offer benefits to small and rural school district students. It likewise states that the legislature has approved $7.4 million for the cyber academy program and has endorsed $4.4 million to upgrade the computer networks of the schools. To strengthen the requirements of high schools, the legislature requires students who enter ninth-grade in 2009 to complete 24 courses to graduate.
DE- COMPUTER networks
DE- COMPUTERS in education
DE- HIGH schools
DE- HIGH school students
DE- SCHOOL districts
GE- NEW Mexico
IC- 611110 Elementary and Secondary Schools
IC- 921120 Legislative Bodies
IS- 10779949
AN- 25008021

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