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May 7, 2013

Award-Winning Online Learning Strategies for Title I Success

And another item from yesterday’s inbox…

K12 for Schools and Districts
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Award-winning Online Learning Strategies for Title I Success

Join Us for a Webinar on Wednesday, May 15, at 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT


Lynette ThompsonExpectations for students and school districts continue to rise while funding to support education continues to decrease. For a growing number of students who enter high school with skill deficits, mastering increasingly rigorous curriculum standards and state assessments becomes an insurmountable challenge.

You’re invited to attend our webinar featuring Lynette Thompson, Executive Director of Special Services for Putnam City Schools, which serves close to 20,000 K–12 students in Central Oklahoma. Recognized for their use of high yield instructional strategies and compelling student performance data, Putnam City Schools is one of the state and national leaders in the effective use of educational technology. As part of this webinar, Mrs. Thompson will describe how the district has used Title I funds and other grants to successfully deploy online learning to significantly improve student outcomes. Join us on May 15 to learn more about secrets to implementing successful online remediation programs.

Title I Directors and school leaders like Lynette Thompson at Putnam City Schools realize that early intervention in middle school and high school is critical to keeping students on track to graduate. By leveraging Title I and other federal funds, districts are able to purchase the online curriculum, technology, and professional development they need to implement remediation programs that significantly reduce dropout rates and provide students who graduate with higher levels of mastery, while keeping instructional costs down.

Lynette Thompson, Executive Director of Special Services, Oklahoma’s Putnam City Schools
Lainney Ballew, Senior Training Manager, K¹²
Facilitator: Diana Richie, National Director Professional Services, K¹²

Register now for our webinar.

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