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April 25, 2013

Industry & Innovation: When Public Mission Meets Private Opportunity

An interesting series – although quite sympathetic to the neo-liberal perspective – on the increasing involvement of private enterprise in K-12 education.

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Education Week on

Special Report:
Industry & Innovation: When Public Mission Meets Private Opportunity

Education Week Industry & Innovation

The intersection between public mission and private opportunity continues to get busier as schools search for better ways to educate students, and entrepreneurs work to create products and services to help educators achieve their goals. This special report—a follow-up to our 2012 report “Accelerating Innovation” and produced with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York—examines the complex relationship between the private and public sectors in K-12. The report is part of Education Week’s commitment to following the education industry and new approaches to schooling on a special Industry & Innovation channel.


Ed. Companies Exert Public Policy Influence
Some experts are alarmed at what they see as increasingly aggressive moves by companies, but others see those moves as the natural interplay between the private and public sectors.

N.Y.C.—IBM Partnership Focuses on Students’ Tech. Skills
The public-private initiative between the technology company and a city school aims to prepare students for future careers.

Beta Testing Ed. Products Can Get Tricky for Schools
When schools leaders agree to beta test a product, they know that they may be creating extra work for teachers and administrators, and that they may be forced to carve out class time for trying it out.

Big-Name Companies Feature Larger-Impact Research Efforts
Serious efficacy studies can start as high as $150,000, a price tag that keeps most smaller market players from commissioning similar studies.

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