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March 16, 2013

[EDEN-News] Invitation to the VISIR 2nd Consultation

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Understand, network, mainstream
ICT for learning in Europe

Dear Colleagues,

The VISIR project – “Vision, Scenarios, Insights and Recommendations“ is the initiative of seven European networks one research centre and one University involved in the open, distance and e-learning field. It aims to develop a shared vision on how ICT may help making lifelong learning a reality.

Many such visions have already been elaborated. We trust that the strength of VISIR is that it is based on real-life scenarios and insights and built with a bottom-up approach, involving relevant stakeholders in the field.

No doubt: Many such visions have already been elaborated.

We trust that the strength of the present initiative is that it will be based on real-life scenarios and insights and built with a bottom-up approach, involving relevant stakeholders in the field of learning and ICT.

VISIR Stakeholders consultation – Invitation to the Second survey

“Reacting to change and transforming European LLL:
the contribution of ICT in addressing key concerns related to learning innovation”

The European Union has set the objective to establish the strongest education system in the world by 2020, and ICT could be one of the levers to support the process of innovation of European learning systems.

National governments in EU still struggle with a fragmented picture in terms of effective use of ICT for learning. Research in the field is progressing, good practices increase but a meaningful use of technology has not yet been achieved.

There is a need for research to support policy makers at EU and national level in understanding how ICT can support educational innovation.

A wide consensus is available that ICT has a potential to contribute to learning innovation, and the VISIR consortium feels the need to discuss how to do so.

In this survey, we would like to discuss how ICT can contribute to a set of key policy objectives, identified by the Stellar Network of Excellence in 2012:

  • Cost reduction and effectiveness of learning
  • Transferability of learning results across lifelong learning sectors and contexts
  • Employability value of Education
  • New assessment methods
  • Scalability of innovation
  • Learning attractiveness.

For these objectives, a set of options are provided on how ICT can contribute to achieve them.

You are kindly invited to give opinion on the options and to suggest further policy objectives how to do so.

Join the consultation to share your views!
The survey takes max. 15 minutes.

Consultation is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Results of the first consultation

The theme was: “What are the most relevant factors of change and how do they affect LLL?”, and it run in June 2012, aiming to analyse trends on ICT and learning in Europe, the VISIR domains of change, polarities and tensions and the main lines of evolution, trying to outline future scenarios till 2020.

You can download the 1st Consultation Executive Summary and the full 1st Consultation Paper.

The project is co-funded by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.

Stay tuned on the VISIR website to know about the publication of the second report!



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