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March 10, 2013

Mobile Learning On The Interwebs

Beginning with the ASCD SmartBrief.

National PTA signs Kindle to sponsor reading program
Amazon’s Kindle has been named the exclusive sponsor of the National PTA’s Family Reading Experience, a newly created program that encourages children and families to read together. Fast Company online (2/28)

ITunes U downloads hit huge milestone
The Washington Post (2/28)

How do iPads affect learning?
Researchers studying the use of iPads in classrooms in California’s Encinitas Union School District say the devices generally are favored by students and parents. In the district, where every student in grades 3 to 6 has an iPad, 90% of students said the technology has helped them learn — especially when used in math lessons. However, some parents say they want to ensure the technology does not replace hands-on learning, and teachers say the iPads can be distracting for students if not managed properly. The Coast News (Encinitas, Calif.) (3/1)

Also the SmartBrief for EdTech.

Building home-school connections using technology
Cellphone and voice services can help educators build the home-school connection, writes Lisa Nielsen, a public-school educator and administrator. In this blog post, Nielsen recommends the phonecasting service iPadio, which can help teachers create podcasts; Voki, which allows people to develop and share recorded messages using an avatar; and Google Voice, which provides free phone numbers. SmartBrief/SmartBlog on Education (3/4)

Wristbands aim to shed light on student wellness
An Illinois school district is using a portion of a $15,000 grant from Fuel Up to Play 60 to purchase 60 wristbands made by Fitbit Flex that will track students’ steps taken, distance traveled, active minutes, calories burned, the quality of sleep and the hours slept. The effort is intended to help reduce teenage obesity, and officials said students will take the wristbands home for several days and potentially use the data to make healthier choices. Chicago Tribune (tiered subscription model) (3/4)

Apple seeks to end lawsuit involving in-app purchases by children
Apple is seeking permission to wrap up a case involving the allegation that it lured children into buying virtual goods through addictive games without their parents’ permission. The company appeared before U.S. District Judge Edward J. Davila to say it wanted to send a notice to 23 million iTune users, informing them of the settlement, which pays aggrieved parents in iTunes credit or cash. The plaintiffs do not oppose Apple’s efforts. Bloomberg (3/2)

N.Y. company to sell Android-powered touch-screen tablet exclusively to schools
USA Today (3/6)

Why some schools are making the switch to digital textbooks
For schools using electronic textbooks, students are receiving up-to-date information about current events, research and other matters as publishers can make almost-instant changes. Educators and others say the benefits of the switch to electronic textbooks include the speed at which they can be updated, the lower cost and the vast resources they open up for students. However, officials also point out that many students do not have access to such technology and stress that districts must focus on teacher training when rolling out digital textbooks. U.S. News & World Report/The Associated Press (3/6)

Teacher suggests ways to use iPads in classroom lessons
The Guardian (London)/Teacher Network/Teacher’s blog (3/6)

Calif. school uses federal grant to pay for tablet rollout
A California school district plans to provide tablet computers for all students as part of a $2 million technology upgrade. Officials say that 81% of the project is being paid for through federal grants. In the Central Unified district, about 30 teachers now are using Samsung Galaxy tablets, and 900 will be using them next year ahead of 2015, when all students will receive tablets. KFSN-TV (Fresno, Calif.) (3/6)

How BYOD is expanding learning opportunities for students in Ala. county (Alabama) (3/7)

As well, the ASCD Worldwide Edition SmartBrief

Learning management system increases access to mobile learning
The Stanford Mobile Inquiry Learning Environment, which has launched in India, Argentina and the US, allows students to use cellphones — primarily Android devices — to create, share, answer and evaluate academic questions. A similar project is under way in Southeast Asia that would allow access using tablet computers. The work is done through a learning management system that does not require access to the Internet, making it ideal for communities worldwide with limited resources, the project’s creator Paul Kim said. blog (28 Feb.)

Back to the regular Google News alert for mobile learning.

MDGs: how mobile phones can help achieve gender equality in education
The Guardian
Mobile phones are increasingly affordable for women and girls in developing countries, offer additional freedom in deciding when and where to use them for learning, and can provide on-demand access to voice- and text-based instructional materials.
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Upside Learning Explains Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Workplace … (press release)
Pune, India, March 08, 2013 –(– Upside Learning is one the few learning technology solution companies that has believed in the potential of mobile devices for workplace learning, even when mLearning was in its nascent stage. The company has …
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Next, the Google Blog alert for mobile learning.

Mobile Learning: New Report from UNESCO Provide Perspectives …
By fsaba
unesco_logo_0 A New reports issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) focus on policy issues educators must consider to adopt and promote the use of mobile learning. The firs report titled The …

Finally, the Google Web alert for mobile learning.

Mobile Education – Mobile Learning
Mobile technology is increasingly used to encourage interaction and create a more active learning experience, from elementary to high school and beyond.…/mobile-education.htm…

Mobile learning | Skeptoid
Mobile learning. Posted on March 3, 2013 by Bruno Van de Casteele. When do you listen to podcasts such as Skeptoid? I listed to my favorite science and ……

Words2Learn Mobile Learning Project – National College Transition …
We found that 38% of adult learners surveyed own smartphones. Now add to these ipads and tablets, and it is easy to see that mobile technology is clearly part ……

Mobile Learning Apps Free During SXSWedu: Float Mobile Learning
Float Mobile Learning apps RabbleBrowser and Sandbox, normally $2.99 apiece , available for free during SXSWedu.…/mobile-learning-apps-free-during-sxswed…

Mobile Learning Framework – HTML5 Framework for Mobile Learning
An HTML5 framework for the development of mobile learning solutions that delivers learning content to learners across multiple channels and devices.…/html5-mobile-learning-framework/?…

Steps to Mobile Learning Success
Presentation given at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference March 1, 2013.…/steps-to-mobile-learning-success-16924…

UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2013: Scratching the surface …
Mobile The recently hosted UNESCO Mobile Learning Week (MLW) 2013 set out to answer three vital questions: how can mobile technologies support literacy ……/unesco-mobile-learning-week-2…

Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace … – Upside Learning
Mobile Learning Infographic illustrating Why Mobile Learning is the Future of Workplace Learning.…/why-mobile-learning-is-the-futur…

– Guide to mobile learning for school, district administrators
The Resource for Education Technology Leaders focusing on K-12 educators. Site contains a Software Reviews Database, articles from Technology & Learning ……

3 Ways to Know That Your Company Needs Mobile Learning
We’ve compiled several questions you should ask to determine if your company will benefit from implementing mobile learning.…/3-Ways-to-Know-That-Your-Comp…

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