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March 1, 2013

Getting Digital on Digital Learning Day!

News from some neo-liberals…

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Digital Learning Day - Engaging Students. Celebrating Teachers. Creating Better Schools.

Getting Digital on Digital Learning Day!
Signifying the growing importance and demand for digital learning strategies in the classroom, nearly 26,000 teachers, millions of students, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park, and U.S. Representative George Miller (D-CA) joined the Alliance for Excellent Education on February 6 for the second annual Digital Learning Day, a national campaign that promotes digital learning and spotlights successful instructional technology practice in K–12 public school classrooms across the country.If you missed any part of the Digital Learning Day celebration, you can find archived materials below.

Digital Learning Day Video Archives:

Digital Learning Day Chat Archives:

State and Local Events and Celebrations on Digital Learning Day!
Digital Learning Day is proud to announce that all fifty states and the District of Columbia participated in Digital Learning Day by hosting an event or celebration. Check out some of the statewide celebrations on the State Events web page.

Having had more than 26,000 educators sign up to participate, it’s hard to share the all of their creative ideas, but click here to see how others celebrated Digital Learning Day.

Calling all District and School Leaders: Join Project 24!
As part of its celebration, the Alliance announced “Project 24,” a ground-breaking new initiative to help school districts plan for and effectively use technology and digital learning. Already, more than 400 school districts, representing approximately 2.5 million students across forty-two states and the District of Columbia, have signed up for Project 24. Encourage your district to sign up for Project 24 today!

Thank you to EVERYONE for making
Digital Learning Day 2013 a tremendous success!

See what educators are talking about in these digital learning blog posts. This week, Robyn Young, the school librarian at Avon High School and the Avon Advanced Learning Center in Avon, Indiana, blogs about digital overload. Here’s a snippet:

My daughter said something interesting that really got me thinking about our connection with technology. She is an 18-year-old freshman in college and she said that she doesn’t feel as smart as she used to feel. She is having a really hard time keeping her focus when she is working on assignments or studying and doesn’t really know why that is happening.

After having watched her study when she came home last weekend, I definitely know the problem. She is constantly connected to her phone or laptop. She regularly checks (and by regular, I mean every couple of minutes) Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and sometimes even old-fashioned Facebook, mostly because that is where her mom and her mom’s friends often post. She also listens to music on her phone through YouTube, so she has to change songs every three minutes. While she is still as smart as ever, this situation has led to an atmosphere that is not conducive to learning. Read more.

Would you like to be a guest blogger? If so, contact Rachel Jones.

Digital Learning Day 2013 was a huge success! Although it is only a one-day celebration, we believe that digital learning should occur every day for every student! We encourage your district, schools, teachers, parents, students, colleagues, and friends to try something new and engage in the power of digital learning. Here are some ideas of what you can do:

  • Try a new lesson in English language arts, science, math, or social studies—from Digital DNA to media propaganda.
  • Explore our digital learning toolkits with resources and ideas for teachers in specific subject areas.
  • Learn more about our exemplary model schools highlighted on Digital Learning Day.
  • Encourage your district to sign up for Project 24 today so that your district’s planning efforts include digital learning!

George Miller Marks Digital Learning Day with New EdTech Bill
When it comes to education, the role and effects of technology has been a tough nut to crack. As tomorrow’s Digital Learning Day approaches, education groups and officials are offering up their recommendations. Congress is marking the event with a bill.

What Might a Redesigned High School Look Like? The Quick and the Ed
President Obama, in last night’s State of the Union address, announced a new competitive grant program to award schools that “better equip graduates for the demands of a high-tech economy.” A key way to do so is by developing partnerships with local community colleges and employers. Learn more about what else can shake up a traditional high school, including blended learning, competency-based education, and pathways.

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