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February 9, 2013

Virtual Schooling In The News

InTheNewsBeginning with the eSchool News.

Meris Stansbury In this week’s edition: Just in time for Digital Learning Day, Digital Learning Now! released a “Blended Learning Implementation Guide.” Also, we detail 7 elements for good community-school relations, a snapshot of how teachers are using tech, and the current rise of nanotech in the classroom.Best,
Meris Stansbury, Online Editor


Snapshot: This is how teachers use technology

With Digital Learning Day on the horizon, technology is once again in the national spotlight. But are teachers using new resources in today’s classroom? The answer, according to a new survey, is a resounding yes. [ Read More ]

Current Site of the Week

Digital Learning Now! releases guide to blended learning

Website helps teachers, kids with evolutionary theory Just in time for Digital Learning Day, Digital Learning Now! (DLN) today released the fifth DLN Smart Series interactive paper with co-authors from Getting Smart and the Learning Accelerator. [ Read More ]

Meris Stansbury In today’s news, Digital Learning Day isn’t over! Program organizers have launched ‘Project 24,’ which gives districts a customized digital learning plan; a MOOC for educators to learn about ed tech, and more. Also, states could partner with public school districts, charter schools, Head Start programs or child care agencies to provide preschool for every child.

Does Project 24 look like it could help your school? Do you think MOOCs are the next step in PD? Is preschool for all really feasible? Be sure to leave your comments with the stories, email me at, or @eSN_Meris

Meris Stansbury, Online Editor

Top News of the Day

Digital Learning Day aims to change education’s direction Digital Learning Day aims to change education’s direction

With an overwhelming 25,000 educators participating in Digital Learning Day on Feb. 6, ed-tech supporters used technology-based projects, lessons, and enthusiasm to mark what they called a perfect time to launch a national digital learning [ Read More ]

As might be expected, given that this week saw Digital Learning Day, the various Education Week items had a number of stories.  Starting with their Digital Directions.

Read the Ed-Tech Blogs

Check out the Digital Education blog for analysis of the technological challenges you face today.

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Read the EdTech Researcher blog to learn more about how leaders can build bridges between educators who use technology and researchers who seek to understand its impact on teaching and learning.

Recent posts:

Next, the SmartBrief for EdTech.

U.S. House of Representatives puts its history online
A recently launched website covers the careers of 11,000 politicians who have served in the U.S. House of Representatives, making political research a little easier. The website, which includes a database of more than 1,000 items, was created by the historian of the U.S. House of Representatives and the clerk of the House’s Office of Art and Archives. The offices seeks to represent the “House’s institutional memory, a resource for Members, staff, and the general public.” ABC News (1/31)

Classroom technology is focus of Digital Learning Day
Today marks the second annual Digital Learning Day, organized to promote digital literacy and celebrate best practices for the use of education technology. A digital town hall, which will include Education Secretary Arne Duncan, will stream live online today, and about 20,000 teachers and 4 million students from every state and Washington, D.C., are expected to recognize the day. Planned events include demonstrations of iPad applications, lessons to help students teach their grandparents about computers and others designed to ensure students stay safe online. T.H.E. Journal (2/5)

Federal legislation would speed adoption of classroom technology: On Tuesday, the day before Digital Learning Day, Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., introduced the Transforming Education Through Technology Act. The bill is intended to “help speed adoption of innovative digital tools to improve student outcomes, close achievement gaps, boost educator skills and improve efficiency and productivity.” If the legislation passes, states and school districts would be required to draft plans and policies that make the best use of technology in the classroom. The Huffington Post/The Blog (2/5)

MOOCs slowly making waves in K-12 virtual education
Massive open online courses have been gaining traction in higher education, and now educators are considering whether they would be valuable additions to K-12 education. Some experts, however, say MOOCs are not ready for mainstream adoption in K-12 education, but they could help students as they prepare for high-stakes standardized tests. Education Week (premium article access compliments of (2/6)

Do cybercharter schools need more regulation?
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (2/6)

Back to the regular Google News alert for virtual school.

Haslam bill seeks real improvement in virtual schools
Knoxville News Sentinel
Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam and his wife Crissy visit Corning Elementary School in Memphis, where they stopped and read to first-graders on part of their on Jan. 18 school tour. While not listed as one of his priorities this legislative session, Haslam …
See all stories on this topic »

Finally, the Google News alert for cyber school.

If President Obama wants poor kids to succeed, he’ll consider …
The Guardian
In my hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the school system in the city ranks as one of the … a religious school, a private school or a cyber school.

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