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January 30, 2013

7 Days and Counting! How to Connect to Your Local Newspaper and Blog About a New Lesson

And a third neo-liberal item to close out the day…

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Digital Learning Day - Engaging Students. Celebrating Teachers. Creating Better Schools.

How to Connect with Your Local News Outlet

As part of your Digital Learning Day celebration, consider contacting your local news outlet—newspaper, radio, or television—and share a digital learning activity. Visit our media resources page and use the sample email pitch to send to media outlets and sample media release to announce your participation in Digital Learning Day. It can be as easy as sharing the power of learning through kindergarten blogs or inviting the local media to your school or library to see digital learning in action. Need an idea? Check out these great local events:

  • Kindergarteners Blogging. At Walled Lake Elementary School in Michigan, every kindergarten student has their own blog page attached to the classroom blog. They blog regularly (at least once a week) from school and as often as they like from home.
  • Granny in Cyberspace. In Kearney Jr. High in Missouri, eighth-grade science students will visit the library throughout the day to learn ways to describe the workings of a computer to their grandparents in a lesson called, “Granny in Cyberspace.”
  • Geo-Tagging Documents School Modernization. At Antioch High School in California, students are working on an advanced STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) program project, photographing and geo-tagging various parts of the campus on Digital Learning Day. Mapping data will be used to document the changes in the fifty-five-year-old school as it is modernized over the next four years with funds from a newly passed $55 million bond. Photos, audio, and text will be entered into a mapping site at

Awesome, Brand-New, Interactive Science Lessons Available!

In addition to the great ideas you will find in the teacher toolkits, the Digital Learning Day team is pleased to offer Digital Learning: Lessons in Action. These lessons incorporate multiple strategies with digital learning, such as collaboration, personalized learning, project-based learning, flipped classrooms, virtual access to experts, and simulations.

Check them out at Try a Lesson Now! If you like what you see, try one of these lessons and blog about it as we lead up to Digital Learning Day. Join the tens of thousands of educators who will tailor these lessons for use in their classrooms on Digital Learning Day and beyond.

Today’s lessons are:

Successful Student Book Review Blogging – In order to promote independent reading and scaffold the language arts curriculum, students write and post book recommendations on their school-based book review blogs. 
Video Introduction   Lesson Plan

Visual Book Report – Students will use primary source images or videos in order to create a book report/book trailer.
Video Introduction   Lesson Plan

SAT Comic Strips – Students will utilize technology to create vocabulary comic strips in order to demonstrate their nuanced understanding of a selected vocabulary word. 
Video Introduction   Lesson Plan   Sample  Rubric   Virtual Gallery   Vocabulary Usage   Analyzing Stereotype

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