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January 29, 2013

8 Days and Counting! Take the School Speed Test and Blog About New Lessons

A final item from the neo-liberals in today’s inbox…

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Digital Learning Day - Engaging Students. Celebrating Teachers. Creating Better Schools.

Learning Still Loading? Take the “SchoolSpeedTest” and Help Upgrade Your School’s Internet Capacity

Are you a K–12 educator looking for faster internet at your school? You aren’t alone; 80 percent of K–12 public schools in America do not have enough internet capacity to use digital learning. In fact, most schools are struggling to make due with the same connection speed as a typical home but with 100 times more users.

What can you do to help? By taking the national “SchoolSpeedTest,” you can test your school’s internet speed and automatically contribute to the first-ever national inventory of internet access in all of America’s K–12 public schools. Launched by the nonprofit organization EducationSuperHighway, which aims to upgrade every K–12 public school in America to have a robust digital learning ready Internet connection, the information gathered from the SchoolSpeedTest will be used to identify schools that need an upgrade in order to help schools with their budgeting and planning decisions.

It only takes one minute to help upgrade your school! Simply go to from a wired or wireless device connected to your school network. Then find your school and take the test. The goal is to have every school take at least ten tests at different times of the day; the more tests taken, the more accurate the data will be. Check your internet speed today and you can be on the road to a faster internet connection in your classroom!

Calling all Educators!

To help educators celebrate Digital Learning Day, the Alliance for Excellent Education is pleased to offer Digital Learning: Lessons in Action, which incorporate multiple strategies with digital learning, such as collaboration, personalized learning, project-based learning, flipped classrooms, virtual access to experts, and simulations.

We encourage you try one of these lessons and blog about it as we lead up to Digital Learning Day. Join the tens of thousands of educators who will tailor these lessons for use in their classrooms on Digital Learning Day and beyond. Try a lesson now!

Today’s lessons are:

Writing Powerful Blog Comments: Students develop their own blog site and learn the difference between academic and social comments.

Video Introduction  Lesson Plan

Jigsaw Plot Development: Students use a shared workspace to collaborate with peers on plot development and design a storyboard that demonstrates their knowledge of plot development.

Video Introduction  Lesson Plan  Lesson Part 1  Lesson Part 2  Lesson Part 3

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