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January 23, 2013

ICYMI: Third Smart Series Interactive Paper Available Now

Another neo-liberal item…

Digital Learning Now!
Dear Friends,

Getting Ready for Online Assessments,” the latest interactive paper in the Digital Learning Now! Smart Series, focuses on the need for education leaders to not only prepare for the shift to online assessments for Common Core, but to look beyond the minimum requirements and build an infrastructure today that can support next-generation digital learning tools and services.

The paper provides 10 primary recommendations, including matching the teaching and testing environment, shifting to digital instructional materials, boosting access to technology and broadband, and building a plan for changes beyond Common Core. The paper also includes resources states and districts can use to identify preparedness gaps with the technology specifications recommended by PARCC and SBAC.

With the implementation of Common Core well underway and new assessments planned for 2014-15, the time is now for education leaders to start preparing for this unprecedented shift.


John Bailey
Executive Director
Digital Learning Now!

* * * * *

Digital Learning Now! is a national campaign under the Foundation for Excellence in Education with the goal of advancing state policies that will create a high-quality digital learning environment to better equip all students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in this 21st-century economy. The policy framework stems from the belief that access to high-quality, customized learning experiences should be available to all students, unbounded by geography or artificial policy constraints.

Getting Smart™ is an advocacy firm passionate about innovations in learning. We help education organizations construct cohesive and forward-thinking strategies for branding, awareness, advancement and communication, and public and media relations. We are advocates for better K-12 education as well as early, post-secondary and informal learning opportunities for all students. We attempt to accelerate and improve the shift to digital learning. On we cover important events, trends, products, books, and reports.

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