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December 19, 2012

Disruptive Innovation In K-12: Trend report

And another item from yesterday’s inbox…

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Mobility Tech Transforms Higher Education: 5 Key Trends to Watch
Hello Michael,

If you’re responsible for IT operations on a college campus, you know students and faculty are big fans of mobile technologies—and they expect to get instant online access, anytime, anywhere.

They also want to use their mobile devices in new ways. (That’s probably why more than 55% of public universities launched mobile apps in 2011.)

Get a snapshot of the industry shifts like these, and learn how schools need to adapt in this e-Brief: “Mobility Tech Transforms Higher Education: 5 Key Trends to Watch.” Download this brief and explore how:

  • Schools are developing mobile strategies—and how technology is helping them attract new students
  • Mobile technologies are driving operational efficiencies—a boon to college administrators
  • IT leaders are dealing with mobility challenges such as security, infrastructure and cost concerns

Read how institutions like Seton Hall University, Ohio State University and Santa Clara University are embracing mobility—and get some data to support your business case for new initiatives.

Download the e-Brief now.

I think you’ll find the brief informative, and as always, we invite your feedback.

Michael Schmedlen
Education Evangelist, Lenovo


Complimentary Issue Brief

Mobility Tech Transforms Higher Education: 5 Key Trends to Watch

Higher Education Whitepaper offer

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