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October 1, 2012

Research And Evaluation: Producing Reliable Results

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Julie Abels:

Research & Evaluation Services

Providing reliable results for over forty years

Using designs and methodologies that consider your context, budget, and schedule, McREL’s researchers and evaluators employ a wide range of techniques to examine your education initiatives, policies, and products. We provide results you can use to guide your strategic decision making for mid-year corrections or long-term viability. Our services include:

  • Constructing logic models or theories of action to help identify key components
  • Evaluating local education policies and initiatives
  • Conducting large-scale studies of federal and state programs and policies
  • Selecting, creating, and validating data collection instruments
  • Building capacity to help others design or conduct their own evaluations

An experienced research partner you can depend on

For more than four decades, McREL has provided research and evaluation services to a range of clients including federal, state, and local education agencies, institutes of higher education, foundations, nonprofit and community organizations, education publishers, program developers, and corporations. Our current and past clients include:

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