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August 21, 2012

Destination Innovation 2012 – Myths, Hype, & Possibilities: Trends Shaping The Future Of Distance Ed

As I mentioned in the K-12 Online Learning And Destination Innovation 2012 entry, my colleagues as a part of the Alberta Education distance education program review are attending the Destination Innovation 2012 conference in Banff, Alberta.  Yesterday was our session:

Myths, Hype, & Possibilities: Trends Shaping The Future Of Distance Ed (room 304)

This session explores trends and new directions in use of digital learning and its impact on education. Join innovator and provocateur David Porter, as he uncovers some of the myths, hype, and possibilities in distance education. This session will also briefly introduce the Alberta K-12 Distance Education Review Project and team, providing you with a way to participate in helping to shape the future of DE in Alberta. Join us to have your voice heard while you test your vision for the future of 21st Century Distance Education in Alberta against David’s description of the emerging landscape.

David Porter is the Executive Director of BCcampus. A long-time advocate for the benefits of adapting new technology to deliver educational opportunities, David’s extensive experience in the education and training fields has included working with both public and private sector organizations.

I asked David if it would be okay if I posted a recording of his presentation that I took using SoundNote on my iPad and he agreed.  I do apologise that I missed the first two to three minutes of David’s comments (where he mainly introduced himself and the group).  Note that you can download the slides from

Following David’s formal session, we had the 28 participants get up and work in groups of three to sketch note some thoughts about the vectors they felt would be driving distance education in Alberta.  Below are the images from that process.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

Click on any image to enlarge it.

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