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August 5, 2012

Mobile Learning On The Interwebs

Beginning with the eSchool News Today.

Meris Stansbury

In today’s news, the Department of Education has launched a new nationwide online community for educators as part of “Connected Educator Month,” and today marks the start of two weeks full of expert keynotes, forums, and panels…all online! Also, a California school is using iPads to support its PE programs.

Do you think you’ll participate in Connected Educator Month? What do you think of Karen Cator’s “communities of practice”? How are you using iPads innovatively in your school or district? Be sure to leave your comments with the stories, or email me at

Meris Stansbury
Online Editor

Question of the Week: What inspired you to become an educator? Please send your response to Online Editor Meris Stansbury at Your response may be chosen to be included in a thought round-up to be published by eSchool News. Please send your response by Friday the 3rd.

e Top News of the Day

How one California school uses iPads to support its PE programs How one California school uses iPads to support its PE programs
By combining SPARK’s movement-based curriculum with the user-friendly iPad, our PE department has been able to work more efficiently and effectively during a time when budget cuts and other hurdles make it difficult to be [ Read More ]

Next, Education Week’s Digital Directions.

Ed Tech @ Work

Marci Duty, right, helps vision-impaired student Callie Marshall during an iPad learning session at Camp Carter in Fort Worth, Texas. Blind Students Use iPads to Learn
A six-week Houston program offers blind and visually impaired students practice in daily living skills, training on electronic devices, and a chance to earn a little summer cash. (Associated Press)

Moving on to the ASCD SmartBrief.

Mich. district puts iPads in kindergarten classrooms, Michigan (7/31)

Also, the SmartBrief for EdTech.

Parents of child with disabilities develop assistive iPad app
The parents of a child with cerebral palsy and autism have developed urTalker Pro, an assistive software application for the iPad, iTouch and iPod Touch. The app, which allows users to communicate through pictures, comes with more than 150 already preloaded and allows users to customize their own pictures and categories as well. Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas) (7/28)

High school invests in an iPad for every student
Students at a high school in Kentucky will have access to iPad tablets beginning this school year. However, they will pay fees to use the devices and be required to take a course in which they are taught the “do’s and don’ts” for using the technology. All students will pay a $20 technology fee, and those who want to use the tablets at home will pay $40. Officials said they originally considered purchasing laptop computers but decided the iPad was better-suited to their needs. The Ledger Independent (Maysville, Ky.) (7/31)

Physical education gets a boost from the iPad
At a time when some schools are scaling back or eliminating physical-education programs, one teacher describes how her school is using technology to enhance fitness programs for students. Danielle Cherry writes in this article that last year her school rolled out an iPad-based, PE program called SPARK. Among other things, PE teachers use the devices to track students’ progress and record their performance so they can be better assessed. eSchool News (free registration) (8/1)

Back to the regular Google News alert for mobile learning.

School of Soil and Water at Sioux City Farmers Market
“The Conservation Station-A Mobile Learning Center” put on by Iowa Learning Farms was at the event informing people on the importance of soil and water quality. The station had three different displays, including a rainfall simulator that demonstrated how …
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Turn It 2 Learn It Releases “Tickle Stomp!” Children’s Story For the iPad
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
This release is the 1st of a hopeful many educational and interactive tales and games for children by Turn It 2 Learn It. The iPad application will offer an educational alternative to the many games available on mobile devices for children. “Our goal is to bring …
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Build a Mobile Course in 5 Minutes
Midland Daily News
In fact, organizations can easily build a mobile learning course to educate workforce, assess knowledge or communicate and share information in just five minutes. M-LearnOntheGo can help organizations author, engage and track learning activities including …
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College Campuses Embrace Mobility
A strong WiFi network is essential to a college’s mobile learning initiative, and many colleges—including Robeson Community College and Mount Wachusett Community College, in Gardner, Mass.—have beefed up their wireless networks in recent years.
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Build a Mobile Course in 5 Minutes
Organizations can create their own learning content or choose from thousands of mobile courses or skill assessments that can be personalize with company brand, logo and content. M-LearnOntheGo’s products go beyond just learning content creation and …
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Midlands residents get a preview of mobile education
It-oLogy in downtown Columbia hosted the iSchool Initiative Digital Learning Revolution Tour to Columbia Wednesday morning. Organizers showed attendees about mobile learning on Ipads and IPod touch devices in the classroom. The iSchool showed …
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InfoPro Launches Next Generation HTML5-Based Learning Solutions HTML5 ACE (press release)
InfoPro’s experienced pool of mobile learning evangelists has helped establish a complete mobile learning ecosystem, which not only offers instructionally sound content, but also supplants it with Learning Management Systems (LMS). By creating responsive …
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Learning more about closure of Hopjacks
(WALA) – FOX10 News is learning more about the closure of a popular downtown Mobile restaurant. Hopjacks on Dauphin Street served it’s last meal on Friday. The business closed due to embezzlement on the corporate level, but only closed the store in …
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Verizon Wireless’ Mobile Learning Lab Uses Technology to Prepare Students for …
Agnew is referring to the Verizon Wireless Mobile Learning Lab, one of a variety of educational programs Verizon is conducting nationwide and at eight public high schools in the Greater Washington, DC/Baltimore area to deploy technology to underserved …
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Pilot course uses mobile technology
The Fort Gordon Signal
But last week, General Dynamics’ Land- WarNet School on Fort Gordon broke with tradition to begin a pilot course utilizing new technologies and mobile learning in place of dated teaching methods. “This is the Army Learning Model fully in action,” said Tom …
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Democratizing learning, knowledge and economy
Korea Times
The democratization of learning is progressing rapidly, jeopardizing the once-thriving private learning institutions in posh southern Seoul. The proliferation of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and e-readers as learning tools is revolutionizing how …
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Mobile Technologies for IR, Defense and Security
The technological and educational underpinnings of e-learning practices are challenged by current developments in mobile computing. Handheld technologies such as smart phones, tablet computers, and networked Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) brought …
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Upside Learning Rolls Out Its Independent Webinar Series; First Webinar On …
After hosting joint webinars with the Brandon Hall Group, Upside Learning announced today the roll out of its independent webinar series. This series will commence this month with the first webinar – ‘No Escaping Mobile Learning’ – scheduled on 8th Au …
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MindSnacks Nabs $6.5M From Sequoia To Bring Fun Educational Games To …
Frustrated with the lack of options in language learning, they launched an educational app that used the addictive mechanics of mobile gaming to teach people those fundamental vocabulary, reading, writing and comprehension skills in their language of …
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Verizon Showcasing WAGmob Mobile Apps for Back to School Campaign
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
WAGmob, A leader in the mobile apps for on-the-go learning today announced that Verizon Wireless, #1 US mobile operator, is showcasing WAGmob applications for its back to school campaign via web, TV and print ads. “I was watching Michael Phelps win …
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Ace the USMLE with New Mobile iOS App, USMLE Step 1 First Aid Q&A From …
About gWhiz Launched in 2008, gWhiz has established itself as a leading provider of engaging mobile educational applications. The company is focused on developing innovative educational software to foster a lifetime of learning for professionals and …
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Brainchild Launches Second Generation Kineo Tablet Exclusively for Schools
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Hundreds of schools and districts have deployed Brainchild’s tablets and web-based software to provide data-driven instruction on mobile learning devices that connect to cloud-based reporting. Kineo also offers security features that gives schools the option …
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Next, the Google Blog alert for mobile learning.

@Ignatia Webs: Win 500 $ with your mobile project overview for …
By Ignatia/Inge de Waard
The free online course on mobile learning MobiMOOC will launch on 8 September 2012 and guide you through different mobile learning (mLearning) fields for three weeks. At the end of the three week course the MobiMOOC Award will be …
@Ignatia Webs

Finally, the Google Web alert for mobile learning.

Learning Everywhere Is Full of Details for Mobile Learning …
Early praise by those in the industry for Chad Udell’s mobile learning book Learning Everywhere have been very positive. Udell offers details on all aspects of ……/learning-everywhere-is-full-of-details-for…

How can mobile learning address different learning styles?
An article detailing the VAK learning model (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic) and how relevant it is to mobile learning. It discusses popular web learning services, ……/how-can-mobile-learning-address-differ…

#Best Buy! VINCI 7-Inch Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet (8GB …
##Check Price & Review VINCI 7-Inch Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet ( 8GB) Where to Buy & VINCI 7-Inch Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet (8GB) go ……/best-buy-vinci-7-inch-touchsc…

From E-learning to Mobile Learning
based consulting firm. Burrus is author of Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible (HarperBusiness, 2011). “Mobile learning is a bigger ……/0812tech.aspx

Our Favorite Mobile Learning Course of the Month
bile learning tools, m learning, mlearning, Mobile eLearning, mobile learning, mobile lms.…/Our-Favorite-Mobile-Learning-Course-o…

How Important is Mobile Learning Apps Today?
Mobile learning is extending its wing and with easy access of internet through mobile phone has made it quite necessary to develop mobile phone apps which ……/how-important-mobile-learning-ap…

The iPad Eats the Smartphone and Mobile Learning Becomes Real …
by Rich Mesch I’ve been following the so-called Mobile Learning revolution for some time now. The reality is, Mobile Learning was something that a lot of people ……/the-ipad-eats-the-smartphone-and-m…

Comments on Mobile Learning Finds (Apple … – High Techpectations
iPhone/iPad AppGuides by AppAdvice Tags: apps, ipad, iphone, app, lists, mobile The Best iPad Tips and Tricks Good list of iPad tricks and tips- has just about ……/mobile-learning-finds-apple-ios-weekly-…

Mobile Learning Lab – Preparing Students for College
From bold graphics to air-conditioning, the Mobile Learning Lab is taking the learning experience outside of the classroom, encouraging participation through ……/mobile-learning-lab-technology-…

Making Mobile Learning a Reality – The EvoLLLution | The …
Proving the value of fully developing mobile virtual learning environments will require better delivery and assessment frameworks that show off the strengths of ……/making-mobile-learning-a-reality/

ADL Mobile Learning Newsletter #108 – 30 July 2012
Welcome to the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) weekly report on news and findings of interest related to mobile learning in the military. Note that due to …

Demystifying the Library with Game-Based Mobile Learning ACRL …
Tips for Making Your First Mobile App a Success →. Demystifying the Library with Game-Based Mobile Learning. Posted: July 30, 2012 | Author: Anne Burke …

Mobile Learning Certificate
The growing ubiquity of mobile devices worldwide has resulted in a dramatic change in the way people learn. Businesses, organizations, and academic ……/Mobile-Learning-Certificate

Demystifying the Library with Game-Based Mobile Learning …
Anne Burke, Undergraduate Instruction & Outreach Librarian at NCSU Libraries writes for ACRL’s TechConnect blog about Demystifying the Library with ……/demystifying-the-library-with-game-based-mobile…

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