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July 30, 2012

iNACOL 10 Weeks of Activities for Better Blogging: Week 1 – What Will Be The Purpose Of Your Blog? (Tag: Learning to Blog)

A week or so ago, my colleague Rob Darrow announced that the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) was going to lead a 10 Weeks of Activities for Better Blogging.

The Week 1 activity is entitled “Getting Started,” and is primarily focused on creating your blog and setting up your Twitter stream.  It specifically asks us to:

  1. Create a Google account – mkbarbour, check!
  2. Create a blog using WordPress or Blogger –, check!
  3. Write your first blog post: What will be the purpose of your blog? Please title your blog post “Learning to Blog” – see below, check!
  4. Register your blog – check!
  5. Post a comment on the Blogging Online Teachers Blog – – check!

So, week 1 is off to a good start…

Entry: What Will Be The Purpose Of Your Blog? (Tag: Learning to Blog)

The About VSM page describes my blog as:

This blog and podcast focus on issues related to distance education at the K-12 level, specifically the use of virtual and cyber schools.

To be more specific, I post entries items related K-12 distance education (mostly online learning).  To that end, this blog has two purposes:

  1. To pass on all items related to K-12 distance education, specifically K-12 online learning, that cross my electronic desk.
  2. To provide a space for me to play with ideas or opinions related to K-12 online learning in a non-academic way.

In verbal discussions, I have often described it as a one-stop shop for all things related to K-12 distance education – specifically K-12 online learning. I post anything that comes across my electronic desk, which primarily includes my inbox, RSS reader, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and LinkedIn. I post things I disagree with, largely because I believe are ideologically aligned to a position that promotes K-12 online learning as a way to privatize public education (like anything from the Alliance for Excellent Education or Digital Learning Now, as well as most things from iNACOL).  But I post it anyway, as I do want this space to be a place to find information about the field, regardless of what I think of it.

I also use this space to comment on current events, which often includes recent reports that have been released from a variety of organizations (and to a lesser extent research that has been published.  As I indicate in that About VSM page,

The opinions that I do post are my own and don’t represent my place of employment or any of the organizations I am involved with.  In most instances these opinions are based upon my background as a teacher, course designer, and administrator in various virtual schools in Canada, the United States and internationally; along with the research that I have been conducting for over a decade in a variety of jurisdictions (with a good dose of my own political beliefs included).

And if you want to know more about me you should review the About Michael Barbour page as well as the Full Disclosure page.

While I know these 10 weeks of activities are largely designed for those just starting or new to blogging, in the past I’ve participated in:

I’ve found each of these challenges rewarding, and I believe they have made me a better blogger.  So off into the void I go as I begin participating in another one of these challenges.

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