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June 6, 2012

EDTECH597 – About Michael Barbour Page

Another one of the activities for Week 1 in my EDTECH597 – Blogging In The Classroom is for students to create an “About Me” page. In my case, I have two “About Me” pages – About Michael Barbour and About VSM. Dealing with the About Michael Barbour page today…

Last summer for this activity, I reviewed and updated that particular “About Me” page. I added in my adjunct status at Boise State. In addition to the sentence or two that I added, I have also added numerous links in the page. I also updated the accounts that I listed in the widget to only the ones that I update on a regular basis. Finally, I added an image of myself.

Because it was only twelve months ago that I undertook these activities, there wasn’t much to revise. In fact, all I did was update the accounts in the widget at the bottom to remove a couple of the Ning accounts that I rarely use.  Anyway, tomorrow will be the About VSM page…


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