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April 28, 2012

Using Technology To Differentiate Instruction. Archive Now Available.

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Web Seminars from District Administration

Using technology to differentiate instruction
Original Webcast: April 24, 2012

We all know students learn in different ways, but how do we teach the same concepts to multiple learners with different abilities? The core of differentiated instruction comes from understanding and nurturing differences among learners, how they learn, learning preferences and individual interests. Classroom technology is providing teachers various avenues to reach multiple learners with different abilities at the same time. From a case study from a teacher in Kansas, find out how hardware, software and the web are enabling educators to personalize instruction while enhancing learning.

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Topics will include:

  • Strategies for differentiating instruction in diverse classrooms
  • Tips and tactics for differentiating instruction with common classroom technologies
  • Methods for building differentiated instruction into daily lesson plans

Who will benefit:
Curriculum directors, district and school technology coordinators, principals and other district and school administrators. Anyone may register.

Sponsored by:

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Critical Insights. Timely Information. Free Registration
District Administration produces Web seminars on topics of critical importance in the K12 arena. Featuring the leadership insights of key education and industry experts, these live events are free of charge for viewers. District Administration Web seminars are moderated by DA’s Web seminar director, JD Solomon, and are sponsored by leading solutions providers and technology innovators.

[image: View Archived VideosSpeakers:

Melissa Haney
First Grade Teacher, Amelia Earhart Elementary School, Goddard, Kansas

Janet Webb
Leader, Mimio Implementation

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