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March 22, 2012

Improving Rural Teacher Education – RRRTEC Final Report

This showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago and I’m just getting around to posting it.  Primarily of interest to the academic folks out there, but some well designed professional development modules are a part of this project so check it out.

Dear colleagues,
Many thanks for your interest, contribution and participation over the past two years in the progress of the
Renewing Rural Teacher Education Curriculum (RRRTEC) project.
A project that aimed to better equip teacher educators to prepare teachers to work in rural and regional communities.
It is my pleasure to provide you with the DEEWR approved final RRRTEC report (attached).
I would also like to let you know that late last year we secured a small amount of funding for the continuation and
 maintenance of the RRRTEC website for 2012. The person to now contact in regards to continuing to upload resources is
Vi Lam. I am sure you will all welcome Vi into our rural education research community.  Vi can be contacted at
Dr Jodie Kline has now gone full time as research fellow with an ARC Linkage project and continues to work at Deakin.
I would like to again give my thanks and appreciation to all her work in the RRRTEC project. I will miss working with Jodie very much.I would also like to share with you Jodie’s happy news that she and her partner Sarah, welcomed beautiful baby Adah into their lives recently!
The report will also be placed on the website. If you haven’t visited the website for a while – please do so.
You will see new resources and articles have been updated from our remote teacher education mini-conference held late last year at James Cook University (with thanks again to Dr Pauline Taylor for hosting us) and from our workshop at the University of the Sunshine Coast (thanks to Shirley Richards for hosting us).
While the RRRTEC project has now been completed…in many ways the work continues….! Which is very exciting.
I look forward to seeing you all again soon and happy to hear how you might be using the website or improvements we can make.
Also – As Chair of the AARE Rural Education SIG I am hoping to host a mini-conference in Sydney (prior to AARE) on the 30th of November and 1st of December for those who would be interested in presenting or participating please let me know.
All the best
Professor Simone White
Head of School and Associate Dean of Education
Faculty of Education
Monash University -Gippsland Campus

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