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March 3, 2012

NCVPS E-Learning Advisors Portal – E-lerts

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NCVPS E-Learning Advisors Portal – E-lerts

NCVPS E-lert for March 2, 2012

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 08:45 AM PST

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Be Empowered – Know the Trends in E-learning
Have students who are new to the Internet?  (Yes, that still happens!)  Check out 4 Sets on Introductory Computer and Internet Technology Interactives.

 E-learning Success Stories
ELAs, teachers, administrators, parents, and students, submit your stories here:    Please tell how virtual learning has made a difference!

GenerationText SuperUsers
Follow this link to nominate your SuperUsers!

Teach for NCVPS
NCVPS is actively recruiting teachers in all areas.  You must hold an SP II NC Teaching License and have taught for four years in North Carolina.  Check all the details here:

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New Items

National Teacher of the Year!
This is breaking new, and more details are to follow.  Congrats to NCVPS’s Leslie Fetzer!

ATLANTA, March 2, 2012 — Leslie Fetzer of Holly Springs, North Carolina, an online biology teacher at North Carolina Virtual Public School, was named America’s 2012 National Online Teacher of the Year for K-12 education last night. The honor is awarded by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL).

Fetzer has taught online biology to grades 10-12 at North Carolina Virtual Public School for the past three years. A former classroom teacher, Fetzer noted that teaching online is not what most people envision. “When I was given the opportunity to teach online, I jumped at the chance,” she said. “To really teach a student, you need to reach them on a personal level. Teaching online allows me to personalize instruction for every one of my students.”

“I can use images, word analogies, create a cartoon or animation, record a live lesson, or add audio to help them remember.” Almost daily, she said, “I get to witness students having ‘light bulb’ moments. This growth is so exciting.”

Progress Reports for February 29, 2012
A progress report is posted in the registration system under the Reports tab.  This progress report is for the following courses:

Spring Block – Traditional Calendar
Spring Block – Early Calendar
Yearlong Courses
Credit Recovery courses.

Look for the report with this title:  “Spring Block, YL, CR, EC 2012 Progress Report Due Feb. 27th, 2012”

This is a non-weighted progress report grade.  Do not use it as a weighted grade in NCWise.

Fields on this Report:

Progress Grade = Numeric grade for all traditional, yearlong, and early calendar courses.
Comment =  For all instructors to leave feedback on student.
Number of Modules = This field is used for CR instructors only.
Status = This field is used for CR instructors only.

NULL Grades

German courses through OSU reports separately.
OCS students will not have a grade.
Credit recovery students will not have a grade.  See the Status and Number of Module fields for CR students.

Vendor Approval Process
NCVPS’s Vendor Course Approval Process is now live. All TEACHER-LED outside vendor courses must go through the approval process. Currently the course approval process is limited to the courses posted on our site.

Please visit index.php/educators/vendor- approval-process/ to see the basic tenets and steps to this process.

We want your feedback. We are sure that there are courses that you would like to see approved. Complete the following form to provide us with an idea of which course(s) your LEA would like to see reviewed for this process. Complete the form for each course requested for future review. spreadsheet/viewform?formkey= dG9XLUpjcm5IWHMzSlp0dy1hdVgzX1 E6MQ#gid=0

If you have questions, please contact Don Lourcey at don.lourcey@ncpublicschools. gov.

FALL & Summer 2012 Registration
Fall and Summer, 2012 Registration is anticipated to open at the end of March. The course catalogs for both semesters are posted .  NCVPS is currently undergoing a process of course revisions, which is scheduled in phases throughout 2012-13. If a course is not listed on the posted catalog at the time registration opens, it is best to assume the course will not be offered in that semester.

2012-13 Allotments/Funding
NCVPS is in the process of determining the allotment disbursements for the 2012-13 school year (summer semester included), based on funding allocated by the NCDPI Financial & Business Services Division. Allotments will be distributed, per district, towards the end of March, after which time the 2012-13 registration will also open.

LOCK Webinars
LOCK = “Linked Online Connecting Knowledge”. Lock webinars are professional development opportunities to engage in 30-60 minute presentations on various topics related to NCVPS business operations. Generally, the webinars are scheduled 1-2 Tuesdays each month at 11:00, and also archived for the convenience of viewing any time. See the link at the top of this article for instructions to access a webinar or archive. The March LOCK webinar schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012, 11:00 AM – “Basic Excel Tips on How to Assess NCVPS Enrollment, Progress and Grade Reports”  (Presented by Connie Joyner, NCVPS Regional Consultant)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 11:00-11:30 AM – “2012-13 Funding and Allotment Allocations” (Presented by John Brim, NCVPS Associate Executive Director)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 11:30-12:00 PM – “Registration Coaching and Tips on How to Track Allotment Usage.” (Presented by NCVPS School Services Support staff and district volunteers sharing their successful strategies)

On the Calendar: A Look Ahead
March 7          Early Calendar Start of Second Session Health Courses
March 10      Early Calendar Grade Reports Sent to ELAs
March 10      Progress Reports/ Mastery Charts Sent to ELAs (Will not include Early Calendar)
March 14      Progress Reports/ Mastery Charts Sent to ELAs (Will not include Early Calendar)
March 16      Early Calendar 2nd 9-weeks Health Courses Only Admin Drop sent to ELAs
March 17      Early Calendar Health Courses Only ELAs Report Any Changes to Admin Drop Report
March 23       End of 1st Nine Weeks for Traditional Block Courses and End of 3rd Quarter for Traditional Yearlong Courses
March 23       Yearlong Last Day to Transfer Students into NCVPS Courses
March 26       Start of 2nd session Health Course
March 28       Traditional Grade
March 29      Health Courses Only Day 3 Student Status Report Sent To ELAs
Reports AND Early Calendar Progress Reports Sent to ELAs

Current Enrollment Options
Here are the current enrollment options:

1) Credit recovery is still open.  Email your virtual learning consultant for details.

2) You can still add OCS students.  Email your virtual learning consultant for details.

3) You can transfer in students who have seat time in front of an instructor.  The student has to have a passing grade to transfer in, and we have to have an available seat.  Email your virtual learning consultant for details.

All three enrollment options will be limited to your allotment totals and access to reserve or local funds.

 Previous Items

Grade Reports and NCWise
NCVPS only reports weighted grades for two marking periods in block courses.  Each is weighted at 37.5%.  Our yearlong courses have four weighted marking periods.  Each is weighted at 18.75%.  Final exams count as 25% in all courses.

NCVPS posts progress reports every two weeks in the registration system.  Do not enter our UNWEIGHTED progress report grades into NCWise as WEIGHTED grades.  If you do this, your final grade averages will not match our final grade averages.

Here are the reporting dates for our weighted marking periods:

March 10: 1st Grade Report for Early Calendar Block 2012. (37.5%)
March 28: 1st Grade Report for Spring Block 2012.  (37.5%)
March 28: 3rd Quarter Report for Yearlong 2011-2012 Courses. (18.75%)

May 12:  2nd Grade Report and Final Grades for Early Calendar Block 2012. (37.5%)
May 31:  2nd Grade Report and Final Grades for Spring Block 2012.  (37.5%)
May 31:  4th Quarter and Final Grades for Yearlong 2011-2012 Courses.  (18.75%)

Here are the details:

Standard Grading Scale for Block Classes, Fall and Spring sessions

Midterm: 37.5%     (First Grade Report)
End Term: 37.5%  (Second Grade Report)
Final Exam: 25% (Schools must administer EOC/CTE exams and calculate in this 25%.)

Standard Grading Scale for Yearlong Classes

18.75%  (First Grade Report)
18.75%  (Second Grade Report)
18.75%  (Third Grade Report)
18.75%  (Fourth Grade Report)
25%       (Exam) (Schools must administer EOC/CTE exams and calculate in this 25%.)

Standard Grading Scale for Summer Classes

75% Cumulative grade for all course work
25%  Final Project or Final Exam (Schools must administer EOC/CTE exams and calculate in this 25%.)

Please see our quick reference guide for grades for more details.

Password Issues
Passwords will not work until the first day of class, which is January 3 for early calendar courses and January 23 for traditional calendar courses.

If the student’s password does not work on the first day of class, follow these steps:

1) Confirm that the student is enrolled in the course and not waitlisted or dropped.  You can check this by running an enrollment report and checking the status column.

2) If the student is recently enrolled, remember that passwords will not work for 24 hours.

3) If the student is confirmed enrolled and it has been at least 24 hours since enrollment, then have the student submit an online ticket with our Help Center here:  Click on “Open a New Ticket.”  The student or the E-learning Advisor can submit this ticket.

4) Lastly, if the  student took a course in the past and the student changed his or her password, then the student has to use the password that he or she changed it to, or the student can submit an online ticket with the Help Center.

5) If a student’s password stops working anytime during the semester, have the student submit an online ticket with the Help Center.

Summer and Fall 2012 Course Catalogs
The course catalogs for summer and fall 2012 are posted here:

School Usernames and Passwords
The e-learning coordinator (ELC) at the district office can now reset passwords for school and look up usernames.

Follow this link for directions: 

Interventions for Low-Performing or At-Risk Students
If you have students who are low-performing, under-performing, or at-risk for any reason, NCVPS has a number of intervention strategies for districts and schools to follow.

1.    Have students contact their instructors during their office hours for live help.

2.    Try to establish a recurring time for student to meet with instructor (by Wimba, Pronto, or phone) for one-on-one tutoring.

3.    Have student sign up for NCVPS Peer Tutoring, which is available for certain courses.  Go to this link to learn more:   .

4.    Establish peer tutoring with other successful NCVPS students at your school (if available).

5.    Have EC students meet with the school’s EC specialist.

6.    See our list of assistive technologies.  Go to this link to learn more:

7.    Have students attend your school’s review sessions (if available).

8.    Have students attend your school’s tutoring session (if available).

9.    If the student is taking the course off campus, consider moving the student to a lab setting, especially if the student is not logging into the course.

10.  If you have students in EOC courses, but sure that they take part in our EOC Reviews that are in each EOC course.  Have them contact their teachers for more information.

11.  Establish weekly or bi-weekly contact with instructors of any at-risk students.

12.  Check for progress reports and report cards in the registration system.  Updates are made every two weeks.  You may contact teachers directly between updates to check on student progress.

13.  Have parents log in with the students at home and monitor their work.  Parents can communicate with the instructor, too.

Featured Links
Follow this link to the new E-learning Advisors Portal.

Click here for the online District and School Semester Checklist.

Click here for the online Getting Started Checklist for NCVPS Students.

School-level ELAs, follow this link to SchoolTube to watch a short video on the registration process.

District-office ELCs:  Follow this link to watch a short video that shows how to check your district’s enrollment, check grades, and enroll and drop students at the school level.

Find our course catalogs here:

DLA Contact Information:  Be sure to update your contact information in the registration system.  Follow this link to see how to update your contact information.


Be aware of the new State Board grading policy in credit recovery courses: http://www.ncpublicschools. org/docs/stateboard/meetings/ 2010/12/gcs/12gcs.pdf    This is for NCVPS and vendor credit recovery programs.

Please become familiar with the updated NCVPS IEP guidelines:



Find information on your new Help Desk here:

Follow this link to see a full list of assistive technologies that are beneficial for a variety of student disabilities:

If your students need tutoring help, be sure to check out our Peer Tutoring Center by following this link.

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