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February 23, 2012

Credit Recovery And More: A District’s Use Of Online Learning: Register Now

From yesterday’s inbox…

Web Seminars from District Administration
The changing face of online learning
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 2pm, ETIncreasingly, school districts adopt online learning to meet one need and quickly find new opportunities to expand the initiative to help other students. That’s the changing nature of online learning, exemplified in the experience at Spotsylvania County Public Schools in Virginia. Join us for a case study examining how Spotsylvania began using Aventa Learning by K12 for credit recovery in an alternative school and soon expanded its use for a variety of purposes in all five of its high schools.

Topics to be covered include:

  • How teachers can customize online courses for individual students.
  • Using online courses in a blended model with classroom teachers.
  • How online courses used for credit recovery can reduce the need for summer school.
  • Moving online courses beyond credit recovery to help all students take classes that don’t fit in their schedule, or AP courses not offered by the school.

Register Now

Who will benefit:
Superintendents, curriculum directors, technology coordinators and other district leaders with responsibility for online learning. Anyone may attend.

Continuing Education Certification:
All attendees of this live web seminar will receive confirmation of their participation, which may be used for purposes of CEU certification where applicable.

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District Administration produces Web seminars on topics of critical importance in the K12 arena. Featuring the leadership insights of key education and industry experts, these live events are free of charge for viewers. District Administration Web seminars are moderated by DA’s Web seminar director, JD Solomon, and are sponsored by leading solutions providers and technology innovators.

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Janis Streich – Director of Instructional Technology and Professional Learning, Spotsylvania County Public Schools, Virginia.

Gregg Levin – Senior Vice President, School Solutions; Aventa Learning by K12.


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