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February 6, 2012

More Ups And Downs For K12, Inc.

Back in December, I wrote about how it had been A Bad Media Month For K12, Inc. (e.g., The Washington Post‘s Virtual schools are multiplying, but some question their educational value, The Nation‘s How Online Learning Companies Bought America’s Schools, and The New York TimesProfits and Questions at Online Charter Schools).  In that same entry, I mentioned that Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Announces Investigation of K12, Inc., which described the company was being investigated on whether

the Company and its executives violated federal securities laws by failing to disclose that: (1) according to various academic benchmarks, K12 students were chronically underperforming their peers at traditional schools; (2) K12 has aggressively recruited students to their schools, regardless of how well-suited they might be for the Company’s curriculum; (3) as a result of K12′s haphazard recruiting process, the Company experiences student retention problems resulting in high rates of withdrawal; (4) K12 schools often have far larger student-to-teacher ratios than the Company advertises; and (5) K12 teachers have been pressured to allow students to pass regardless of academic performance, in order to receive federal funds.

This past week K12, Inc. took another step towards opening a cyber charter school in North Carolina and the following items came across my electronic desk:

  • Questionable company targets NC for virtual charter school – which speaks of the companies extensive lobbying (which seems to be true of and active in most states), questionable results in terms of student performance, stock outlook, and the potential of the North Carolina market for the company
  • Virtual charter school company gets approval in Cabarrus (with update) – which details the process that K12, Inc. had been going through to get approval and what may be left (of humor is the comment from the state representative that indicated, “here’s a lot of hoops at the state-level the company will have to go through before opening up its virtual doors” – as their lobbying has shown that most of this hoops can be overcome with good lobbying and conservative legislative efforts)

On Wednesday, the following was brought to my attention:

Additional items have appeared since:

You can read the complete class action at


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