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January 29, 2012

Mobile Learning On The Interwebs

Beginning with the eClassroom News.
e Top News Stories

Students learn smart-phone app making Students learn smart-phone app making
In the past year, people downloaded more than 17 billion apps to their mobile phones and tablet computers, and that number is expected to skyrocket in the next [Read More]

Next the ASCD Smart Brief.

How to create engaging lessons using mobile technology
School Technology Director Anthony Luscre suggests in a blog that educators capitalize on students’ engagement with mobile devices as communication tools to provide more dynamic and interactive learning opportunities. Luscre debunks common concerns about using the devices for lessons, suggesting that teachers utilize the many websites that are not commonly blocked by school filters and recognize texting and tweeting as modern-day vehicles for student writing. T.H.E. Journal (1/20)

How will new Apple products affect schools?
Technology curriculum specialist Nicholas Provenzano writes that Apple’s Jan. 19 release of iBooks 2 and other education-related tools will offer many benefits for schools using Apple devices. However, these advantages will not be realized by the many other districts not using the company’s products, he adds. Others, including some school-technology experts, say the new tools may be designed to address the wrong problem as schools move away from traditional textbooks and toward more adaptive resources. Provenzano’s blog (1/20), (1/19)

Also, the SmartBrief on EdTech.

Higher test scores are seen from students in iPad algebra program
Students in an iPad tablet computer pilot program in a Riverside, Calif., middle school achieved math test scores that were 20% higher than the scores of those using traditional textbooks. The yearlong program, sponsored by publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, used the Fuse program, the first algebra curriculum designed exclusively for the iPad. CNET (1/20)

App gives teachers, parents easy access to Calif. K-12 standards
The California Common Core State Standards Web application is aimed at allowing teachers and parents to use smartphones to access the state’s K-12 math and language standards. The app was developed by state education officials to help teachers ensure that lessons are aligned with the standards while also helping parents better understand what students should be learning. (1/20)

Colo. students said to be more engaged when using iPads
Educators in Colorado say students are more engaged since they began using iPad tablet computers. However, teachers say there also has been a learning curve in adapting to the technology, and they’ve had to remind students that the devices are for learning, not play. Schools that let students take their iPads home also are considering how much responsibility they have over students’ at-home actions. The Denver Post (1/24)

Users download 350,000 iPad textbooks in 3 days
Apple’s newly launched textbook initiative for the iPad got off to a busy start, with users downloading 350,000 books in the first three days and 90,000 copies of a free textbook-creation tool, according to Global Equities Research. All Things D (1/23)

Surveys: Teens are slow to warm up to e-books
Teens lag behind other age groups in embracing e-books, largely because they don’t see the medium as social, according to recent surveys. (1/23)

Survey finds many see mobile devices as positive tools for education
ZDNet/Between the Lines blog (1/26)

Ideas for schools for managing students’ mobile devices on campus
Marsali Hancock, president of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition, in this blog post offers advice for schools on preparing for unexpected challenges they may face as students bring more mobile devices to school. Educators should verify the security and bandwidth of their wireless network, review — and update, if necessary — school policies for technology use, communicate with students about technology-enabled plagiarism and enlist parents in efforts to teach digital citizenship to students, she writes. CNN/Schools of Thought blog (1/26)

Will students learn more using digital textbooks?
Apple’s launch last week of new digital-textbook software has educators and experts considering whether students will learn more and better using these and other tablet-based resources. Measuring the effect of these tools may prove complicated, and experts, including Ron Owston of Canada’s York University, say teacher effectiveness and the environment in which the technology is used are important factors. “Kids need some structure. They need guidance. They need feedback. They’re not going to get that from electronic books alone,” Owston said. (1/26)

Back to the regular Google News Alert for mobile learning.

TAMU-Q to host 2nd technology, education meet
Peninsula On-line
Billed “Mobile Learning: Challenges and Opportunities,” the conference will focus on strategies for advancing mobile learning and analysing the shifts, challenges, promises and opportunities that is created. Conference organisers explain that mobile …
See all stories on this topic »

Google’s Android App Inventor gets open sourced, code has been released
Popular app “Android App Inventor” was handed over to MIT, as well as a decently sized donation to help fund a new mobile learning initiative. What has happened between now and then? Well, behind closed doors, a lot it seems. …
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Mobile technology brings challenges to schools
Springfield News Sun
Some of these mobile devices are very, very powerful,” she said. “I see the desktop labs going away for a lot of education.” Despite the challenges of monitoring the laptops, the CTC has benefitted from the program and students are engaged in learning …
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Mobile network Fingerprint sees 150 percent increase in minutes of game play …
Fingerprint says it has a first-of-its-kind learning and entertainment network made up of high-quality mobile apps from first and third-party developers. Every application in the hub is designed to foster communication between children and their …
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Google App Inventor Resurrected as Open Source Project
Network World
MIT annouces that Google’s App Inventor is now open source, although contributions to the code will not be accepted until the MIT Center of Mobile Learning opens their App Inventor server to the public. “We hope to nurture a robust and active …
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iOS Beats BlackBerry Among IT Professionals
The survey polled 768 IT professionals in five countries – the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, and Japan – with the goal of learning about mobile trends. The specific focus was on the kind of data storage/access done with mobile devices and the security …
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$1.1 Million for Innovative ‘Imiloa Mobile Science Laboratory
Hawaii Reporter
By focusing on hands-on science education, ‘Imiloa’s new state-of-the-art mobile learning platform will build the center’s capacity to engage and inspire young people in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), and provide an …
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Ruckus Deal Brings ‘Wiggle and Learn’ to Mobile
Digital Media Wire
Ruckus will incorporate The Wiggles’ music, video and educational activities throughout the digital experience in order to deliver learning with entertainment. To date The Wiggles have sold over 24 million DVDs, 7 million CDs and 8 million books in the …
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National mobile app-creation program launches at Apex High School
News & Observer
That is why students at Apex High School will be learning how to design and market mobile apps, as part of a test program launched by computer maker Lenovo and the National Academy Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit that develops education programs …
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Lightspeed Systems Announces Next-Generation Web Filtering and Reporting …
PR Web (press release)
From increased bandwidth and mobile learning programs to dynamic content, the next-generation Lightspeed Systems Web Filter helps schools meet these challenges and strike a balance between learning and safety.
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Lumesse launches ‘Lumesse Learning’ at the Learning Technologies exhibition
The launch of Lumesse Learning, which follows the October 2011 acquisition of SaaS based e-learning experts Edvantage Group, will offer organisations a faster, more effective way to deliver formal, informal, social and mobile learning opportunities to …
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Award-Winning iPad App for Classroom Teacher Support Now Available in the App …
PR Web (press release)
“With Dash, we are truly re-imagining how teachers teach and how students learn,” said Pearson School’s head of mobile learning, Deb Bonanno. “Dash provides teachers with all the subject information, teaching materials and tools they need to implement …
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Feb. 15: CDS Lunchtime Learning
University of Delaware
Mobile Computing Devices as Assistive Technology” as the next program in its series of Lunchtime Learning sessions. Marvin Williams, assistive technology specialist at the center’s Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative, will examine the expanding …
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Enrolments now being taken
Parkes Champion-Post
TAFE Western Connect provides opportunities for students to select from a much wider range of courses including more than 30 online courses in all subject areas, 33 mobile learning units and a variety of flexible delivery methods including connected …
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Skill-Pill M-Learning announces partnership with London Business School
Response Source (press release)
London, January 25, 2012: Skill-Pill M-Learning (SPML) has announced a key partnership with London Business School – one of the world’s leading business schools. As mobile partner, SPML, a leader in mobile learning, will play a role to support the …
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Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 Mobile Application Development
Part III is titled HTML5 for Mobile Web Applications – which once again raises the question of what we have been learning about so far? The topics covered include webSockets, web workers, offline web apps, web storage, the history API, geolocation and …
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App Inventor for Android Open Source Release Now Available
Social Barrel
In August of last year and a week after the announcement, Google and MIT both decided that App Inventor would live under the university’s Center for Mobile Learning. Under MIT’s Center for Mobile Learning, the App Inventor for Android, …
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Gimmie Officially Launches New Game Developer Platform For Increasing In-App …
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
The company, Gimmie, launches its in-game incentives program today in beta with ten mobile app developers and ten consumer product brands. Developers interested in learning more can visit Liu, who served as lead developer for …
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Xyleme releases cloud offering Bravais
Computer Business Review
… allowing precise search, dynamic assembly and delivery of relevant information and gives organisations the platform and tools they require to deliver content to the next generation of performance support, social and mobile learning applications.
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European survey reveals organizations will be delivering more training through …
RealWire (press release)
This was closely followed by classroom based learning (44 percent), mobile learning (38 percent), and social learning (12 percent). However the way staff are trained is expected to change by 2014. The data showed that 71 percent of respondents stated …
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Getting the hang of your phone… with some TY help
Wicklow People
‘I approached school principals and transition year heads to request permission to run mobile phone lessons for local adults in the community. ‘ The students in each TY class are invited to volunteer to be tutors to the adult learners.
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Mobile use will drive uptake of contactless payments
Marketing Week
… in YouGov’s mobile wallet study and the subsequent call for a greater focus on education from banks and retailers ( With any new payment technology there is bound to be a learning process and hesitancy about its use.
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IIL Meets Mobile Learning Needs through Host of New and Engaging On-Demand …
PR Web (press release)
On the treadmill, in the doctor’s office or at work, learning is available to them at any time, in multiple forms and formats. “The rules of education are shifting,” says E. LaVerne Johnson, President, Founder and CEO at IIL. “Virtual and mobile …
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Blackboard goes mobile
Liverpool John Moores University
That’s because Blackboard has just gone mobile at LJMU. The free Blackboard Mobile Learn app is available for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and HP web OS devices. LJMU has purchased Blackboard Mobile Learn in response to student …
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How App-cessories Benefit Children’s Learning
Wired (blog)
In that article I ended by listing what I regarded as the benefits to children’s learning and development of these type of mobile device add-ons. I know: they definitely add to the cost of mobile devices as learning tools. Some of the starting price …
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The touch-screen classroom
Perhaps no school board has embraced the smartphone’s potential like the one in St. Mary’s City, Ohio, which offers a glimpse of how lessons might be taught in the future: through what’s called “mobile learning.” There, the board buys smartphones and …
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7 Key Tips for Leveraging Big Data
One of my company’s clients, the CEO of a top social and mobile game publisher, recently commented: “When you’re learning how to ski, you learn pretty quickly that whatever direction you’re looking is the direction your skis ultimately will take you …
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Lenovo and NAF Team Up to Teach High School Students Mobile App Development
Pretty exciting stuff, though I’m the nerd who always wanted to learn mobile application development while I was in high school. Kind of makes me want to rewind time, actually. Anyway, the press release is below. RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – JANUARY 24 …
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Mobile apps enhance study habits, learning
The Reflector online
As the use of smart phones becomes increasingly popular, students are finding mobile applications to enhance all aspects of life, including classroom assignments. The most popular school-related applications among students polled include Dictionary, …
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The future of learning at Macworld | iWorld 2012
The formal learning model, where a teacher lectures and kids listen, must be conveyed differently on mobile devices. For example, Floro notes a project at McGraw Hill where they simply digitalized the book in a PDF-like fashion, rather than make it …
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iOS Apps Gone Free: Mobile Guitar Lessons, Alien Buddies, Zombie Samurai, And More
Mobile Guitar Lessons ($1.99 -> Free, 13.4 MB): Whether you’re a beginner or veteran, play acoustic or electric, any guitarist can learn some new tricks with this guitar training app featuring more than 100 lesson and demonstration videos, …
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Mat Kearney learning to enjoy the tension in his music (video)
(Pamela Littky photo courtesy of the Stunt Company) MOBILE, Alabama — “The criticism people could have of my music maybe is that it’s somewhat schizophrenic at times. And if you don’t like that, it could bother you,” Mat Kearney muses, without irony.
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Azumio Updates Best-Selling Stress Check App with Self-Learning Algorithm
MarketWatch (press release)
27, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Azumio(TM) , a worldwide leader in biofeedback health apps on mobile devices, today announced that its app, Stress Check by Azumio, has been updated to include a unique, self-learning algorithm …
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Make Kannada mandatory for all: NRN
Times of India
BANGALORE: Learning Kannada has to be made mandatory for everyone who relocates to the state. Knowing the local language will help people understand the rich local culture better and therefore they can be part of the local society more meaningfully, …
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5 Things: WEE Learning Bus
Blue Springs Examiner
By Kelly Evenson – The learning bus is a 76-passenger school bus being transformed into a mobile computer lab. Barton said it will roll into the neighborhoods of the Blue Springs School District four nights each week …
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Next the Google Blog Alert for mobile learning.

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) to showcase award winning mobile …
World’s leading experts to provide “access all areas” advice on how to assess, implement and integrate effective mobile training programmes.
Training Press Releases

News Archive – Pearson | Always Learning
By admin
“With Dash, we are truly re-imagining how teachers teach and how students learn,” said Pearson School’s head of mobile learning, Deb Bonanno. “Dash provides teachers with all the subject information, teaching materials and tools they need …
Pearson – Always Learning

Donald Clark Plan B: M-learning – be careful – a 7 point primer
By Donald Clark
Anyone who says cross-platform, m-learning content development and delivery is easy, is lying. A wander round the Learning Technologies exhibition induced a rash of promises that were at best economical with the truth. Mobile leaning …
Donald Clark Plan B

Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative » Blog Archive » From …
By mvanhorn
The Mobile Learning Team recently concluded their research on the effectiveness of mobile course delivery. As a result of this research, ADL published a research paper and was asked to present their findings at the 2011 Interservice/Industry …
Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative

Finally, the Google Web Alert for mobile learning.

Maximizing the ROI on Employee Training with Mobile Learning
No executive in their right mind would argue with the fact that employee training is a basic business necessity. When organizations experience growth, change ……/maximizing-the-roi-on-employee-training-wi…

EdTech Center’s Mobile Learning Website | The Educational …
EdTech Center’s Mobile Learning Website. A locus for mobile learning activities at Northeastern, the site highlights faculty iPad projects, including links to their ……/edtech_center’s_mobile_learning_w…

Infographic: Are We Wired For Mobile Learning? How Digital …
See the infographic below to learn why we are wired for mobile learning, and how we can use mobile technologies to educate ourselves.” – Voxy Blog ……/infographic-are-we-wired-for-mobile-lear…

Texas A&M at Qatar explores mobile learning
Titled “Mobile Learning: Challenges and Opportunities,” the conference will focus on strategies for advancing mobile learning and analyzing the shifts, ……/texas-am-at-qatar-explores-mobile-lear…

High Techpectations: Leadership for Mobile Learning Resources …
IAmLearn – Mobile Learning Tags: mobile learning, research Your guide to securing 2011 e-Rate dollars | eSchool News Tags: E-Rate, eRate iPad Deployment ……/leadership-for-mobile-learning-resource…

Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative » Resources » Adl Mobile …
ADL Mobile Learning. Presenter not provided. 6 Views. Last Updated:: January 23, 2012. ADL Mobile Learning from February 2011. Hosted on Slideshare.…

Free Course on the MOOCH: Mobile Learning and Teaching with …
Here’s a free course available via the MOOCH (, “Mobile Learning and Teaching with Moodle 2. The course was shared by Nadav Kavalerchik ……/free-course-on-the-mooch-mobile-l…

Mobile Learning Programs Move Forward | District Administration …
Mobile Learning Programs Move Forward. In June 2010, we reported on a few mobile pioneering districts. We checked back with them to see where they are ……/mobile-learning-programs-…


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