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January 25, 2012

New Electives At FLVS!

Also from Monday’s inbox…

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FLVS Offers Three New Electives in January!
Dear Michael,We have some exciting news — FLVS is offering three new elective courses this January! If you have a child or know a student who would like to complete an online course this spring, FLVS can help!Students can explore their artistic side with Creative Photography, delve into the world of CSI with Forensic Science, or begin their legal studies in Law & Order. To learn more about FLVS electives, or to sign up, visit’re also introducing several other electives later this spring, so checkback soon to learn more!

The FLVS Team

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EDTECH Moodle: Boise Online & Blended Teacher MeetUp!

This came through my inbox on Monday via the Boise State University Ed Tech folks.  If you’re in Boise on Thursday, it would be a good group to get involved with…

Boise Online & Blended Teacher MeetUp!
by Lisa Dawley, Ph.D. – Monday, January 23, 2012, 03:54 PM
Our newly founded Boise Online & Blended Teacher MeetUp group is hosting our Winter Welcome: 6 in 60! event this Thursday evening.  We hope you can join us in person for this event:

The MeetUp group will also host some online simulcasted events, so feel free to join the group if you’d like to receive notices of future events.  If you browse our growing member list, you’ll see some really great expertise, and I’m thrilled about the opportunity to learn from everyone’s experience.

Article Notice – Virtual Schooling Through The Eyes Of An At-Risk Student: A Case Study

I mentioned this one yesterday, in the entry [Eurodl] New Articles Published On EURODL, but I did want to highlight this K-12 online learning focused research article.

Virtual Schooling Through the Eyes of an At-Risk Student: A Case Study

Michael K. Barbour & Jason P. Siko, Instructional Technology; 365 Education; Wayne State University; Detroit, MI 48202

Abstract While much of the growth in the popularity of virtual schooling has involved at-risk students, little research exists on the experiences of these students in this largely independent setting. This paper describes a case study of an at-risk student in a rural school in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador who was enrolled in an online course as a means to graduate on time. Data from interviews and video observations were analyzed to reveal several themes. The student was good at prioritizing and understood what students needed to do to succeed in an online environment, yet he often did only the minimum needed to pass the course, and his productivity during synchronous and asynchronous sessions declined as the hour progressed. We also found that the student was limited by the lack of proper technology at home. Based on a single case, we are unable to generalize beyond this one student. However, since the attitude of taking the path of least resistance may have taken hold in earlier grades for this particular student, research into improving virtual schooling for at-risk students may be ineffective or counterproductive by reinforcing rather than reducing those attributes; at least in this instance.

Keywords at-risk students, case study, K-12 online learning, virtual schooling

We welcome any feedback…

Teaching Online: Becoming A Connected Educator eCourse

On Monday I posted information about a Certificate Program that began Monday, January 23rd, so today I figured I should post information about this one.  I’m not sure how it came across my electronic desk, but given the Certificate Series I posted – and the connection of this course to North Dakota State University – I figured it was worth including.


Learning today takes place anywhere and anytime. To meet the needs of today’s connected learner, today’s educator needs to be fluent in new media literacies. The Teaching Online: Becoming a Connected Educator eCourse will prepare you to be an online professor, teach online courses in blended environments such as a virtual school, or teaching blended courses in traditional settings. Through this 10-week eCourse you will explore:

  • How to plan and deliver online instruction that moves beyond just digitizing analog lesson plans
  • How to truly leverage the transformative potential that online learning provides
  • Deep learning in a digital age – what does it mean and how do we get there

For more information, visit

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