Virtual School Meanderings

August 18, 2011

Certificate Series: Georgia State University

Continuing the Certificate Series, where I have been describing and discussing each of the certificates in online teaching that are focused on the K-12 environment. The fifth one I wanted to discuss was the Online Teaching Endorsement Program at Georgia State University.

Similar to the Georgia Southern program, in that completion of the program does not lead to a certificate, but leads to an online teaching endorsement to a teacher’s certification in the State of Georgia.  The Georgia State program is a four course or 12 credit hour programs that consists of:

IT7360: Integrating Technology into School-Based Environments (3 credit hours)
This course provides teachers with the skills and knowledge to design and create technology-enhanced classroom environments. Design and creation of products for student- centered learning environments takes place through numerous activities with various technologies. Course meets the Georgia Legislative A Plus Education Reform Act of 2000 (House Bill 1187) Technology Requirement for all certified educators.

IT8050: Evaluation and Assessment for Online Learning (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on evaluating and assessing learning in online education and training environments. It is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to determine what and how well students are learning in an online setting. This course helps prepare students to teach online and is intended to help prepare them for the Endorsement in Online Teaching.

IT8090: The Internet for Educators (3 credit hours)
This course introduces students to methods and models for using the Internet effectively in the classroom. Students experience a variety of Internet technologies and develop strategies for classroom implementation.

IT8440: E-Learning Environments (3 credit hours)
This course focuses on working with the internet as it applies to teaching and learning. Specifically, students work in four overlapping areas of the internet. These are theoretical foundations and issues affecting e-learning, the cognitive and affective experiences of students in e-learning environments, the design and development of e-learning, and the current state of research and practice regarding e-learning.

Like the Boise State University program, there is no field experience associated with this program.  And while it leads to the same endorsement, it is one course longer than the Georgia Southern program.


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