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August 16, 2011

Certificate Series: Georgia Southern University

Continuing the Certificate Series, where I have been describing and discussing each of the certificates in online teaching that are focused on the K-12 environment.  The fourth one I wanted to discuss was the Online Teaching and Learning Endorsement Program at Georgia Southern University.

This program is a little different than the others I have described thus far, in that completion of the program does not lead to a certificate.  Completion of this program leads to an online teaching endorsement to a teacher’s certification in the State of Georgia.  Like the Boise State University program, the Georgia Southern program is a three course or nine credit hour programs that consists of:

ITEC 8134: Theories and Models of Instructional Design (3 credit hours)
Students will examine how systematic instructional design processes are used to develop instruction in the context of specific learning theories, instructional theories, and philosophical orientations. The primary focus of the course is technology-based learning materials.

ITEC 8135: Pedagogy of Online Learning (3 credit hours)
This course will provide advanced candidates in Instructional Technology the opportunity to develop an online-learning course. Candidates will research current best practices of online learning pedagogy and explore emerging technologies to integrate into the development of the online-learning course. The course is offered in a 100% online format.

ITEC 8136: Field Experience in Online Teaching and Learning (3 credit hours)
Students will explore existing literature on best practices in online teaching and learning. This course incorporates instructional design theory from ITEC8134 and online pedagogical knowledge from ITEC8135, putting students’ learning into action and practice in an authentic online environment. The primary focus of the course is the students’ application of best practices in (an) authentic field-based experience(s).

Similar to the Wayne State University and Arizona State University programs, the Georgia Southern program includes a practicum or field experience component.  To date, the university has not yet established any partnerships with K-12 online learning organizations for this field experience.  However, the Georgia Southern program was only established earlier this year, so the field experience won’t be offered for the first time until Fall 2012.  I’ve been informed that the program is currently negotiating with several K-12 online learning programs to provide this field experience.


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