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July 26, 2011

EDTECH597 – Blogging Plan

As I mentioned yesterday in EDTECH597 – Week 8, today I am posting my blogging plan for the coming month.  As I also mentioned yesterday, I’ve done this kind of planning for several of the blogging challenges that I have completed in the past:

The plan I have for the coming month is consistent with these plans that I have had in the past.  You’ll note that I don’t have a specific entry planned for each and every day, and I’m sure that some of the planned entries will be moved around.

In addition to the items listed in this plan, I also have ten other entries – mostly commentary entries – that I have pieces written for or resources identified that are sitting in draft format in my WordPress.  I’m sure one or two of them will get completed throughout the month (at least I hope, maybe even more so I can get some of these older ideas cleared out).

Anyway, that’s the general plan for the coming month…


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