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June 21, 2011

eduMOOC 2011: Online Learning Today… and Tomorrow

This scrolled through my Twitter stream in the past day or two…

Click on the image or visit

Then earlier today I received this message in my inbox:

In case this flew under your radar:

eduMOOC site:
eduMOOC Google Group:

This looks like an 8 week MOOC

It is indeed an 8-week massive open online course (MOOC) focused around the theme of “Online Learning Today… and Tomorrow”. In looking at the list of weekly presenters, it appears to be focused in a general way or on an adult population, but it may still be of interest to readers of this blog (I know I have signed up).

Note that I have also toyed with the idea of running a MOOC that is focused on virtual schooling in the Fall – maybe leading up to the Virtual School Symposium. It is still an idea that I am toying around with, but the planning and execution will be undertaken in this space if it does happen.

I should note that about an hour before this message was scheduled to be posted, one of my doctoral students sent me this:


We are launching a MOOC – a “massive, open, online course” – on the topic of “Online Learning Today… and Tomorrow.”  It is free.  It is non-commercial.  It is an open opportunity to collaborate.  It is put together by many of your good friends and colleagues in online learning who have joined  in collecting resources and in agreeing to serve on live Webinar panel discussions.  You know many of them (see the table below).   It is a great way to “gear-up” for the ET4Online Conference in July and the Annual International Conference on Online Learning in November.

When: Registration is Free and Open now!  The course runs 6/27 – 8/20, 2011
Resource site is open today: you can see where we are going, the course will evolve
Live Webinar panel discussions every Thursday 2p EDT, 1p CDT, Noon MDT, 11a PDT
beginning with the first session on June 30

Where: is the home/resource site

Discussions for those who register will be hosted by Google Group eduMOOC
Twitter hashtag is #edumooc
Diigo tag is edumooc to share additional resources

Why:     To learn, collaborate and network with interesting and knowledgeable colleagues

Just a few of the panelists are Cable Green (Creative Commons and keynote speaker for the annual November conference in Orlando), Bruce Chaloux (SREB / immediate past president of Sloan-C), Bob Hansen (UPCEA CEO), Karen Swan (UIS / Sloan-C  Fellow and board member), George Siemens (Father of Connectivism and co-originator of MOOC), Curt Bonk (IU, author of “The World is Open” and recent keynote speaker at the ALN conference), Larry Ragan (co-founder of the PSU/Sloan-C Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning), Karen Vignare (co-director of the ETO4 conference), Alexandra Pickett (the heart of the SUNY Learning Network), Tektrekker Bethany Bovard, and so many more… the current list is below, but we will be adding to the panels as we go along !

Join us in building resources; discussing today and the future of online learning.  Sign up today.  It’s totally free – do as much or as little as you choose – no advertising – just collaboration, communication and networking with our good colleagues in online learning. 

I’ll “see” you there as together we experiment with the MOOC approach to open online learning.

-Ray Schroeder

Prof Emeritus, University of Illinois Springfield

Dir, Center for Online Learning, Research and Service


eduMOOC Schedule – Check often for additional panelists

Week Topic Thursday Panelists
June 27 Online Learning Today Ray Schroeder (UIS) Moderator
Bruce Chaloux (SREB)
Bob Hansen (UPCEA)
Witt Salley (MoDLA)
July 4 Online Learning Research Karen Swan (UIS) Moderator
Phil Ice (APUS)
Ben Arbaugh (UWOSH)
July 11 Online Learning Technologies Michael Cheney (UIS) Moderator
Alexandra Pickett (SUNY)
Bethany Bovard (NMSU)
July 18 Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning Glenda Morgan (UIUC) Moderator
July 25 Public, Private & Open – Learning Ray Schroeder (UIS) Moderator
Cable Green (Creative Commons)
Larry Ragan (PSU World Campus)
August 1 Personal Learning – Informal Learning Shari McCurdy Smith (UIS) Moderator
George Siemens (Athabasca)
Jason Rhode (NIU)
August 8 Collaboratives & Collectives in the Clouds Shari McCurdy Smith (UIS) Moderator
Karen Vignare (MSU)
Linda C. Smith (UIUC)
August 15 Online Learning 2011-2021 Ray Schroeder (UIS) Moderator
Cable Green (Creative Commons)
Curt Bonk (IU)
Bruce Chaloux (SREB)
Seb Schmoller (ALT UK)

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