Virtual School Meanderings

June 21, 2011

EDTECH597 – Disclosure

The main blogging activity for Week 3 in my EDTECH597 – Blogging In The Classroom is to create a disclosure, so today it is time for me to update my disclosure page.

I have to be honest and say that when I first created my disclosure page it was based on the Full Disclosure page that Miguel Guhlin had created at Around the Essentially, I took what Miguel had written and modified it for my own context (and left a reference to Miguel’s original at the bottom).

In terms of updating it today, I updated the first two paragraphs under the “Making a Living” section to reflect my adjunct faculty status at Boise State University, along with the fact that my consulting is more than just at the planning stages right now.  I also added in some links.  In the following section, I tightened the language in the “So,You’re a Blogger, Huh?” section.

I removed a couple of the categories from the “Disclosures” section, along with the first question that appeared in the “A Few Questions” section – as I didn’t really think they were that relevant for my context and had only used them because they were in Miguel’s original document.  Also in the “A Few Questions” section, I updated the list of organizations that I have done consulting for and the professional associations I an involved with, along with the paid speaking engagements I have done and the free books and apps that I have received.

Finally, I double checked all of the links to make sure they were still up-to-date.  Until next week’s task(s)…

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