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July 18, 2010

ProBlogger – The 7 Link Challenge

On Thursday, ProBlogger Darren Rowse posted an entry entitled “Take the 7 Link Challenge Today #7links.”  Essentially, the challenge was:

The idea is to publish a post that is a list of 7 links to posts that you and others have written that respond to the following 7 categories. Your links should be to:

  • Your first post
  • A post you enjoyed writing the most
  • A post which had a great discussion
  • A post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written
  • Your most helpful post
  • A post with a title that you are proud of
  • A post that you wish more people had read

You might like to add a few explanations to different links – for example to talk a little about why you enjoyed writing a post or what you like about the post on another blog that you link to or why you regret the post you regret.

So, here goes…

First postWelcome to my Blog on Virtual High Schools

  • Self explanatory – and I still think my first question was, and still is, a relevant one…

Enjoyed writingCyber Charter Schools, Funding And Legislative Issues In Ohio For K-12 Online Learning, and Funding Virtual Schools – Part One

  • I should note that i didn’t enjoy writing these because of my general opposition to charter schooling.  All three of these entries forced me to do a little more research than I normally would.  Essentially, all three forced me to go beyond my current schema of K-12 online learning.  I also enjoyed writing them because I believe this will likely be one of the crucial issues related to cyber charter schools as we move forward – how these educational opportunities are funded and whether they should receive the same level of funding as brick-and-mortar schools.

Great discussionAttending The Virtual School Symposium In Arizona???

  • I doubt that I would place this one in the category of the best discussion, but it was a public discussion that I thought needed to be had.  The 2010 Virtual School Symposium is being held in Arizona, shortly after the state has passed some very small-minded, bigoted, anti-immigration laws. While I understood iNACOL’s position that to back out of its contracts would be financially disastrous, I still think the organization should use the conference and the tools it provides (i.e., keynotes, invited speakers, panels, individual actions, etc.) as a way to show their opposition to these laws.  This entry, and the accompanying discussion, started that conversation – although I don’t know if it will have any real impact on the actions of iNACOL in the end.

Wish I’d written – ???

  • I’m unable to respond to this one, not because I think what I have written is better than everything I have read, but because there are so few virtual schooling bloggers and most of them post announcement-type items or are blogging to support the staff in their online school.  There are some entries I admire, for example the The Iowa series that Scott McLeod did (because I thought it was interesting, focused on a program that doesn’t get a lot of ink, and looked at the program in different ways).

Helpful postWestwood Cyber High School and Waivers Free High School Students To Study Online, Michigan (Detroit Free Press)

  • Both were actually re-post of news items, but it appeared that a lot of parents found these entries while looking for educational options for their children.  So in the end, I was able to pass on a lot of specific advice to parents who were trying to find alternatives to education their children.

Good title -???

  • This one was tough for me, as I think the biggest weakness of my blog is the lack of great titles.  They all tend to be descriptive, but I run into the same problem with the titles I use for my academic work as well.

Wish more people had readHow Much Work is Involved for Students in Online Courses?

  • This was one of the first blog entries I wrote, back when I only had ~200 people visiting my blog.  It was an interesting topic for me that I still believe poses valid and unanswered questions.

What do you think?  Any entries that you wish had generated more discussion?  Any good titled entries from my blog out there?  An entry you found particularly helpful?  Let me know…

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