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April 15, 2010

Meandering Out Loud: “Visible Learning” And K-12 Online Learning

Welcome to the third edition of “Meandering Out Loud“. This month I chat about a new book that I am reading entitled, Visible Learning: A Synthesis of Over 800 Meta-Analysis Relating to Achievement.

Click on the image to begin the “Meandering Out Loud” audio clip.

The recording doesn’t seem to have too many issues this month, unlike previous months.


  1. […] involved in K-12 online learning. I’ve written about this book in the past on this blog (see “Visible Learning” And K-12 Online Learning and Greatest Benefits Of K-12 Online Learning And Visible Learning) and I recommend the book for […]

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  2. […] Meandering Out Loud: visible Learning And K-12 Online Learning […]

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  3. […] A couple of comments about the piece.  The first is that it falls into the same traps that most media pieces fall into.  It doesn’t bother to read the full US DOE report and fails to actually understand what the meta-analysis is actually saying (see MVU 2010 Symposium: Asking The Right Questions About K-12 Online Learning and Meandering Out Loud: Visible Learning And K-12 Online Learning). […]

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  4. […] Meandering Out Loud: “Visible Learning” And K-12 Online Learning […]

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