Virtual School Meanderings

March 30, 2010

SITE 2010: Virtual Schooling SIG Business Meeting

SITEThe Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) conference is being held this week.  The first item up for the Virtual Schooling SIG is its business meeting, which takes place from 8:00am to 9:00am today.  The agenda for this meeting is as follows:


  • go around the room and have everyone introduce themselves, where they are from and their interest in virtual schooling

State of the Virtual Schooling SIG

  • 35 members to date
    • remind them to formally sign up for your SIG next time they register for SITE, as there may be people in the room who are not officially SIG members
    • remind them to join the SITE ning and follow Virtual School Meanderings blog as the SIG’s official communication tools
  • there were 41 proposals that were submitted to the SIG (although many were unrelated to virtual schooling or K-12 online learning)
    • each proposal could select up to three SIGs for consideration
    • we accepted 9 of the 41 proposals submitted to our SIG
    • we accepted 3 additional proposals that had originally been accepted by other SIGs
    • 22 of the 41 proposals were accepted by other SIGs
    • 5 proposals were rejected outright and 5 proposals received no decision
    • we have 12 presentations
      • 4 full papers
      • 4 brief papers
      • 1 roundtable
      • 3 posters
  • this meant we needed 129 proposal reviewers just reviewing Virtual Schooling SIG proposals
    • many Virtual Schooling SIG reviewers signed up to review proposals from other SIGs as well
    • we had a total of 10 reviewers
    • plus the chair reviewed all 41 proposals
    • plus 7 of chair’s doctoral students also shadow reviewed each proposal
    • anyone who is willing to read papers for the next SITE conference (if you are unable to attend the SIG meeting, please e-mail mkbarbour-at-gmail-dot-com or post your contact information as a comment below)
  • for the 12 presentations, did you all submit something for the proceedings?
  • What can the SIG do to enhance or increase the number of submissions for future conferences?

Virtual Schooling SIG Business

  • Are there any opportunities related to virtual schooling that SIG members are aware of that should be brought to the attention of the membership?
  • Are there any issues in your SIG that need to be brought the attention of SITE leadership?
  • Is there any important new business that your SIG members wish to raise?

Virtual Schooling SIG Elections

  • The Chair and Co-Chair can hold their position for a period of three years.
  • Are there nominations for the position of Chair and Co-Chair?
  • If uncontested, a voice-vote or raising of hands will suffice. If contested, you should hold a secret ballot with a neutral (non-candidate) tallying the votes. Appoint someone to hang on to those ballots until the conclusion of this year’s SITE conference.

If you are unable to attend SITE or the Virtual Schooling SIG business meeting, please feel free to contribute your thoughts related to the agenda here, and Leanna and I will do our best to relay those comments to the group at the meeting.

Also, don’t forget to attend the Virtual Schooling Presentations at SITE.

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