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January 20, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: U.S. Distance Learning Association Calls On FCC To Focus Reform Efforts On Innovation And Expansion

This showed up in my inbox a couple of days ago.


Press Release
January 18, 2010

U.S. Distance Learning Association Calls on FCC to
Focus Reform Efforts on Innovation and Expansion
Files letter urging Commission to focus latest reform efforts on broadband
expansion rather than net neutrality

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Distance Learning Association issued a response today with the Federal Communications Commission urging the commissioners to expand access to affordable, high-speed broadband service for thousands of Americans who rely on internet access for educational opportunities.

“The innovation that distance learning has witnessed in the past few years has led to increased broadband adoption and affordability,” Reggie Smith, USDLA President said.  “The growth and widespread availability of broadband has greatly improved the ability of institutions to support distance learning in all its forms.  USDLA is committed to helping foster continued innovation and broadband deployment.”

As the Internet evolves, and as congestion, security and other challenges grow, new and innovative methods and technologies must grow with them to meet these challenges.  “The most effective way to meet these challenges, and best serve the needs of thousands of distance learning students, is to promote private sector research innovation while supporting broadband access across all sectors,” Smith said.

Moreover USDLA understands that the success of the internet and the growth of distance learning has been a direct result of government and private sector investment.  Adding any type of rules or regulations that inhibit the continued research and growth of the internet and distance learning is not a good idea.

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The US Distance Learning Association was formed to promote the development and application of distance learning for education and training.  The learning communities that USDLA addresses are: pre K-12, higher education, continuing education, corporate training, military and government training, home schooling and telemedicine. In addition, USDLA is also focused on national and international technology based Distance Learning.

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