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October 16, 2009

ISTE 2010 Conference Keynote Topic Suggestions

ISTE is trying something new with one of their ISTE 2010 keynotes.  They are giving the world a chance to have input on one of the keynote topics and presenters.  And they are doing it in three stages:


Phase 1: Topic Suggestions (October 15-November 15)
Submit your ideas for topics and keynote focus. Share your thoughts, comment on suggestions from other ISTE members and educators, and vote on your favorites.

Phase 2: Speaker Suggestions (November 16-December 15)
We’ll set up forums for the top 5 suggested topics from Phase 1, and you can suggest speakers (and vote on speakers) within each of these topic areas.

Phase 3: Final Speaker Selection (January 4-15)
During late December, ISTE staff will contact the top speakers to check for availability and affordability, narrowing the list to a top 5 that will be voted on during Phase 3. The grand prize of “coffee with the keynoter” will be awarded to the first person who suggested the winning speaker.

So, knowing that ISTE and ISTE 2010 have been moving more and more towards K-12 online learning, I suggested:

Supporting K-12 Online Learning

K-12 online learning is growing at a phenomenal rate in the United States and worldwide. Research has shown that one of the key factors in student success is support at the local school level. What do teachers need to know and be able to do to help support students in their locals school to succeed in this largely independent learning environment.

Right now the suggestion is on the first page, around the tenth or twelfth position – but still only a quarter of the votes that the first place suggestion has.  So, if you think that one of the keynotes at ISTE 2010 should be focused upon K-12 online learning (as this is really the only K-12 online learning suggestion thus far) and in particular how to best support it at the local school level, please go to and vote.  Note you can vote for any suggestion up to three times.

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