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February 25, 2009

VHSM Vodcast: Designing Effective Asynchronous Course Content Introduction

As I mentioned yesterday in VHSM Vodcast: Virtual Schooling In Canada Introduction, this is the second video I created for the Virtual School Clearinghouse. This one is officially titled Effective Web-based Design for Secondary School Students (and you can view this and all of the other videos – mine and other people’s – here).

Anyway, this video was based upon three research projects that I conducted a few years back.  One with course developers with the Illinois Virtual High School.  One with teachers and course developers with the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation (CDLI).  And one with students with the CDLI.  While I have yet to publish from each of these studies, here are citations from what I do have in the public domain:

Barbour, M. K. (2007). Teacher and developer perceptions of effective web-based design for secondary school students. Journal of Distance Education, 21(3), 93-114. Retrieved on June 8, 2007 from

Barbour, M. K. (2005). Perceptions of effective web-based design for secondary school students: A narrative analysis of previously collected data. The Morning Watch, 32(3-4). Retrieved November 04, 2005 from

Barbour, M. K. (2005). The design of web-based courses for secondary students. Journal of Distance Learning, 9(1). 27-36.

Barbour, M. K. (2005). Evaluation of the Illinois Virtual High School course development process. Aurora, IL: Illinois Virtual High School. Retrieved on January 21, 2009 from

Along with several conference presentations and proceedings (see the Presentations tab, under Research, of my homepage for more).

Anyway, like the one yesterday I hope that this also appears in the iTunes area for the VHSM Podcasts.  We shall see…

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