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January 24, 2009

A New Online Resource For Canadian Educators

Nothing to do with K-12 online learning this afternoon (well, I suppose you could make the argument that online teachers could use these web-based resources in their online teaching, but really I just wanted an excuse to post the video below).

I’ve seen a couple of notices and blog items about this, but it wasn’t until this morning as I was reading D’Arcy Norman dot net’s blog entry on opening the NFB archives that I decided to go over and take a look.  As he describes it:

So the National Film Board of Canada has flung open the vault to make many national treasures freely available online. Wow. This is such an amazing set of resources, covering the entire range of Canadian culture. Films that helped define who we are.

Documentaries like Being Caribou. Churchill’s Island. Short films like 23 Skidoo. Art films like 21-87. Animated films like Afterlife.

I will now do my best attempt at channeling The Reverend

One of the crown jewels. Log Driver’s Waltz.

Or, perhaps, Balablok, which still represents tolerance and diversity (and what happens without them) in my mind.


Cat Came Back!

and, of course, The Sweater

The other crown jewel would be *cough* Bambi Meets Godzilla, but that doesn’t appear to be online yet… (but thankfully, there is at least a temporarily available illicit copy on the Tube).

I grew up with the NFB. I love the NFB. And now it’s (at least partially) available online. Gods bless teh intartubes. I could spend days mining this archive, and I probably will…

The one that he doesn’t include on the list that I believe was played each and every Saturday morning while I was growing up as a kid, the Log Driver’s Waltz.  And to finish off this entry, and the real reason I wanted to post it, was to actually embed the video of The Sweater into the entry.  But between the limitations the NFB has put on the video and the limitations that the free system puts on me, it appears I can’t.

So, you can’t view it in this entry, but make sure you follow the link and watch it.  One of the greatest Canadian  stories of all time in my opinion…

The Sweater


  1. You shouldn’t be having trouble embedding video from the site. We use Word Press as well and I have no trouble embedding. You can contact me to let me know exactly what the problem is – maybe I can help fix it.

    Comment by julie — January 28, 2009 @ 2:55 pm | Reply

  2. Julie, I think it may be that you are using a WordPress system to run your blog, but you aren’t using THE WordPress (i.e., the free blogging service). I know that if I were running WordPress on my own server that I would be able to do much more than what I seem to be able to do simply using the free WordPress site.

    Thanks for the offer though. And if you know something about the free WordPress site and videos that I don’t, I would love to hear about it…

    Comment by mkbnl — January 29, 2009 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

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