Virtual School Meanderings

October 15, 2008

VHSM October Podcast Introduction

Okay, the following entry is the October edition of the Virtual High School Meanderings Podcast.  As you may recall, this past summer I talked about starting a monthly podcast for VHSM which would begin in September (see VHSM And Podcasting).  Well, September became October and it was only last evening that I finished editing the 95 minutes of recording that I had to work with.

In the end, I have an approximately 29 minute podcast.  The actual content of the podcast comes from a keynote presentation I gave at the Distance Education Association of New Zealand late this past summer (see the tag DEANZ 2008).  The slides for that presentation can be found here.

Anyway, I took two of the main sections of that keynote presentation, added in an introductory and concluding jingle I created, them some commentary in between the keynote sections, and came up with the following 26.5 MB audio file that I have embedded into the following entry.

So, I welcome feedback on both the content and the technical aspects of the podcast itself.  I’d also welcome any suggestions for the opening that I have created (or offers to create a new or revised one for me).

I hope the November podcast will come out on time, as I should have some good material from several events I’m going to be attending in the next five weeks (including the Illinois Virtual High School’s Fall PD event, the Virtual School Symposium, and the e-Learn conference).

Until next time…

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