Virtual School Meanderings

July 10, 2008

VHSM And Podcasting

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to try podcasting in the Fall.  Beginning in September, sometime after Labour Day, I’m going to upload a monthly podcast entitled “Virtual High School Meandering Podcast” or “VHSM Podcast” (creative title I know).  I’m been chatting a little with my good friend Nate (see ) to get the specifics on how to do this down and with the last month and a half (or a little better) of the summer, I’m going to figure this out.

BTW, if anyone has an catchy music or wants to create a little musical introduction for the future show that I’m going to be podcasting (i.e., the “Virtual High School Meandering or VHSM Podcast” show), I’d be happy to entertain any submissions.

In the meantime, the entry that immediately follows this one will be a teaser – so to speak.  Last year, I recorded the presentation that I gave at the 2007 Virtual School Symposium on my ipod and used Garage Band on a MacBook Pro to edit it. I have no idea why the software chopped the sides off of the PowerPoint slides The M4A that I had originally created included the PPT slides at the appropriate places (although the left and right sides were chopped off), but WordPress only allows you to use MP3 files with their free service. You can also access all of the slides at the NACOL website and you find them directly here.

I had been trying a number of ways to get this online since about a week after the Virtual School Symposium (which was back in November 2007). I tried uploading it to Blogger, as they allow video files of up to 100MB, but that didn’t work (and the support people never did respond to my numerous queries – thanks a lot Blogger!). I tried uploading to Google Pages, I tried the iTunes store, I tried YouTube (and discovered it was too long or too big), I tried two or three other free video hosting sites.  Nothing seemed to work.

So, when I decided that I was going to start a monthly podcasting show anyway and talked to Nate about how to host it, we decided that the best way way to just upload the files to a directory on my own web server and insert the file into an entry on my blog (thanks Nate!!!).

This is my first try at recording one of my presentations, my first time using Garage Band (or any other software of that nature) to edit the audio and the PowerPoint, and my first attempt to podcast the results.  So feedback on the technical aspects of what I have done here are appreciated. As are comments about the presentation itself.  Again, the podcast is in the entry that immediately follows this one.


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  3. I couldn’t get the “NACOL website” nor the “here” links to work. (The requested URL /resources.php” was not found on this server.) I’m on a Macbook Pro using Safari.
    About the music: Good tunes can add (or subtract) from productions as we all know. While I don’t have anything to contribute, I will suggest something that sounds like Jeeves and Wooster by Graham Dalby & The Grahamophones. This has been a popular iTunes download by people like me who like to start our day in a good mood. I’ll check back to see if the links are working.

    Comment by davidmbsr — February 26, 2009 @ 9:21 pm | Reply

  4. David, it should be working now. NACOL has become iNACOL, and as such their website has changed around (including a new domain name).

    Comment by mkbnl — February 27, 2009 @ 10:27 am | Reply

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