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December 10, 2014

[CNIE-L] ChangSchoolTalks 2015: Digital Learning Reimagined, Thursday, February 19, 2015

One that may be of interest in to my Canadian readers…

Our partner Chang School, is hosting Chang School Talks 2015: Digital Learning Reimagined a professional development and networking event on Thursday, February 19, 2015, 3 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at Ryerson University.

The event will bring together educators, entrepreneurs, content and media design experts, publishers, industry leaders and decision-makers to examine digital learning and engage in an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies needed to address the transformational changes occurring in academia and the workplace.

Speakers include top American experts such as scientist and game-maker, Jeremy Friedberg, founder of Spongelab game-based learning; Philipp Schmidt, Director’s Fellow at MIT Media Lab and co-founder of Peer 2 Peer University; Audrey Watters, a journalist specializing in education technology; George Veletsianos, Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology; Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher at National Research Council of Canada, Co-creator of the MOOC, and, Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The Chang School, Ryerson University and a former cabinet minister.

Proceeds from this event will go to Ryerson University’s Spanning the Gaps Bursary Fund which increases post-secondary participation by young people and adults who might not otherwise interact with or experience post-secondary education.

Register at


Best regards,

Sushila Parikh
Project Coordinator | Digital Education Strategies
The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education | Ryerson University
416-979-5000 x 7874 – Instructional Excellence by Design

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[L_OSBC_Announce] FW: Apprentice Labour Mobility Interviews and Surveys

From yesterday’s inbox…  One for my BC readers…

I invite you to help out our friends at the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum find out more about how and where workers learn and move. Please forward this request onto your technical skills and training people to share with their groups that are involved in the apprenticeship program.

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I invite you to share this with your colleagues either by forwarding the email or by printing it and posting it in your common area.

Thank you,

Michael Cochrane
Educational Services Support Manager
Open School BC
Education resources and services

250 356-9456 FAX:250 356-6036
Visit us online at:
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The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum would like to talk to apprentices who have moved to another province or territory during their apprenticeship to learn more about their experiences. (See project description below).  We are trying to understand employer and apprentice experiences in order to provide a better picture of direct user perspectives.   The interviews will take 20 minutes and the survey will take 10 minutes.  Participation is completely voluntary and privacy will be protected.  All findings will be summarized into a final report that will be shared with apprenticeship stakeholders, including apprenticeship authorities and policymakers.  We are also going to use the information to improve our websites and to better help the many apprentices that contact us for help.

Any interested employers, trainers, journeypersons or apprentices should send me an email at<>. if they would like to participate.

Many thanks,

Emily Arrowsmith
Project Manager
Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 235-4004 Ext 201

Project Title:
“Labour Mobility of Apprentices”  funded by Employment and Social Development Canada.
Main Objectives:
The purpose of this research project is to

*   understand the experiences of apprentices and employers with re-location,
*   identify barriers to labour mobility for apprentices, and
*   outline potential supports and solutions that will facilitate mobility.

Main Activities:  The main activities include:
CAF-FCA will conduct 50 interviews to engage stakeholders in a meaningful conversation about apprentice labour mobility.  CAF-FCA will consult with a variety of groups including, apprentices, employers, journeypersons, jurisdictional apprenticeship authorities, apprenticeship board chairs, trainers, educators and labour representatives.

Interview questions may include:

*   What are apprentice and employer experiences with mobility?  What challenges do they face?
*   What are some solutions to the challenges around apprentice mobility?

CAF-FCA will also create and implement a survey with at least 400 stakeholders.  The questions on the survey may include:
·         What are some of the barriers and challenges around mobility for stakeholders?
·         What supports would help employers or apprentices manage this process?
·         What is the interest among apprentices in moving to another jurisdiction to pursue their apprenticeship training?  Is there a particular group of apprentices that is more open to moving than others?

Project Outcomes:

Efforts to understand and enhance apprentice labour mobility will support positive labour market outcomes.  Enabling apprentices to earn work hours in other provinces and territories would support their ability to keep progressing through their program and, eventually, to complete.  Completion is linked to full-time employment and higher wages.  Apprentice mobility would also provide employers facing skills shortages access to workers and would support the development of a highly-skilled workforce.

Thanks Emily
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December 9, 2014

[CNIE-L] CNIE Blog (December 2014) | Blogue du RCIÉ (Décembre 2014)

Also from yesterday’s inbox…

[Ce message est bilingue.]

Kari Rasmussen
December 5, 2014


As the Vice President of CNIE I’d like to welcome everyone to our monthly news!  Members of our board will strive to provide you news regarding our association, upcoming events and interesting news from our desks in regards to innovation in education.

Our 2015 conference…

A quick update on our upcoming conference in 2015; as you may have noticed this year is our first year of working with the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE) to provide you with access to a joint event.  Hosted by the University of Manitoba we hope you will join us for Beyond Diversity: Learning and Working in an Inclusive World this coming May.  It is our hope that by collaborating with CAUCE that we can provide our members with a rich variety of speakers and presenters over the course of the three day conference.


Alberta’s provincial consortium, eCampusAlberta, supports online programming across our province’s public post-secondary institutions. There are some great resources available from this consortium including a monthly PD webinar. They also record the sessions and archive them – these sessions are all available through the eCampusAlberta Online Professional Development Events site at: ; I presented in November on designing online programs.

Until next time….

As we come to the end of 2014, on behalf of the board of directors here at CNIE we would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas season and we hope to see you in 2015!  In the meantime if you are interested in nominating someone to the board or if you would like to volunteer some of your time to the association please contact us at

Take care,
Kari Rasmussen


Blogue du RCIÉ
Kari Rasmussen
Le 5 décembre 2014


À titre de vice-présidente du RCIÉ, j’ai le plaisir de vous offrir notre bulletin de nouvelles mensuel. Les membres de notre conseil d’administration tiennent à vous tenir au courant de ce qui se passe au sein de notre association, des événements à ne pas rater et des innovations intéressantes dans le domaine de l’éducation.

Quelques mots sur notre congrès 2015…

Comme vous l’avez peut-être remarqué, nous travaillons pour la première fois avec l’AÉPUC (Association pour l’éducation permanente dans les universités du Canada), ce qui vous donnera accès à un congrès conjoint. Nous vous incitons à être des nôtres en mai à l’University of Manitoba pour cet événement qui se déroulera sous le thème « Au-delà de la diversité : apprendre et travailler dans un monde inclusif ». En collaborant ainsi avec l’AÉUC, nous espérons être mieux en mesure de vous proposer une riche panoplie de conférenciers au cours de ce congrès de trois jours.


eCampusAlberta est un consortium d’établissements postsecondaires albertains créé pour mieux ouvrir l’accès à des possibilités d’apprentissage en ligne. Ce consortium offre entre autres d’excellentes ressources en perfectionnement professionnel (PP), dont un webinaire mensuel. Les sessions sont enregistrées et archivées; elles sont disponibles sur le site Online Professional Development Events d’eCampus Alberta au J’y ai fait un exposé en novembre sur la conception de cours en ligne.

D’ici notre prochain bulletin…

En cette fin d’année 2014, je vous souhaite, au nom du conseil d’administration du RCIÉ, une merveilleuse période des Fêtes. Au plaisir de vous voir en 2015! Entre-temps, si vous souhaitez soumettre une candidature pour le conseil d’administration ou nous prêter main forte à titre de bénévole, n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous au

À la prochaine.
Kari Rasmussen

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December 1, 2014

CIDER Session December

From Wednesday’s inbox…

CIDER Sessions
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Dear CIDER Member,

We invite you to the December CIDER session of our special ten-part Community of Inquiry Webinar Series. This free, online session will feature graduate students Madelaine Befus, Lynne Rabak and Viviane Vladimirschi in our first CIDER Panel, moderated by Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes.

Title: Graduate Student Panel: The CoI Framework

Our first CIDER Panel will feature graduate students discussing their research related to the Community of Inquiry framework. Join us for this special session to explore three new research directions taken by the next generation of CoI researchers.

When: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 – 11am to 12noon Mountain Time (Canada)

Where: Online through Adobe Connect at:

The CIDER Community of Inquiry Webinar Series includes monthly sessions running from September 2014 to June 2015. These sessions feature presentations by leading researchers on the CoI framework and its application to blended, distance, and online learning. The Community of Inquiry website at is acting as a companion site for the series and includes a wealth of background materials and further readings.

Registration is not required; all are welcome. For more information on CIDER and our monthly Sessions, please visit our website:

Please note that it is important to set up your system prior to the event. Make sure your Mac or PC is equipped with a microphone and speakers, so that you can use the audio functionality built into the conferencing software. The Adobe Connect platform may require an update to your Flash Player; allow time for this update by joining the session 10 minutes prior to the scheduled presentation.


CIDER sessions are brought to you by the Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University: Canada’s Open University and leader in professional online education.

Copyright © 2014 Canadian Initiative for Distance Education Research, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you indicated your interest in being informed about upcoming CIDER sessions.Our mailing address is:

Canadian Initiative for Distance Education Research

1200, 10011 – 109 Street

Edmonton, AB T5J 3S8

Add us to your address book

November 28, 2014

[L_OSBC_Announce] FW: Automotive Component: Skills Exploration 10-12

Also from Wednesday’s inbox…

Hello, we are very pleased to announce our latest accomplishment.


The Skills Exploration 10-12 website<> now includes a new series of resources, designed to introduce students to the Automotive Service Technician trade!

This phase of the project has involved the following people, all of whom were integral to its success:

*   Chris Teskey, who co-managed this project in its initial stages, and up until the Automotive Service Technician instructional design planning session was conducted in November, 2013.

*   Erin Johnston, Director, Training Delivery or the Industry Trades Authority-the ITA helped fund the planning session for the Automotive component, as well as first drafts of the resources.

*   Tim Winkelmans, Manager of the Graduation, Skills and Distance Learning Branch of the Ministry of Education, for supporting the finalization of these resources through the Education Guarantee grant.

*   Ken Jorgensen and Paul Elmont, who initially authored the Activity Plans.

*   Dick Brouwer, who reviewed the materials and helped in the coordination of a photo shoot at Parkland Secondary School.

*   Dennis Evans, who spent a long day with Dick on-site, taking most of the photographs that appear in these resources. The quality of the graphics is outstanding as a result.

*   Shannon Sangster, who oversaw the management of copyright permission requests.


*   Keith Learmonth, who once again provided his excellent editing services.

*   Bev Carstensen, who has tirelessly and patiently formatted these materials from start to finish, through multiple iterations.

*   Christine Ramkeesoon, who has refreshed the website and introduced Bootstrap technologies to enable seamless viewing of the site across multiple devices: tablets, laptops, phones and desktop computers.

*   Michael Cochrane, for coordinating the marketing materials that will be shared next week at the Career Educator’s Society conference in Vancouver-and Christine designed a brochure that will be distributed at the conference.

*   Eleanor Liddy, Monique Brewer and Janet Bartz for offering high-level advice and support on the project.

The full link:

Great job everyone, another feather in the OSBC cap!

Thanks, and apologies if I missed anyone.


Approved: For_Publication

I invite you to share this with your colleagues either by forwarding the email or by printing it and posting it in your common area.

Thank you,

Michael Cochrane
Educational Services Support Manager
Open School BC
Education resources and services

250 356-9456 FAX:250 356-6036
Visit us online at:
You can also follow us on Twitter: @_osbc
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