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August 23, 2014

New Math App Offers Out-Of-This-World Action!

From Wednesday’s inbox…

Florida Virtual School
Now Available in the iTunes Store!
Dear Michael,


We have some exciting news for you – Florida Virtual School has teamed up with the creators of Grom Social to develop an exciting new math app called Solar Skate!


This mobile game allows students to have skateboarding fun with some out-of-this-world characters while learning some basic math concepts! In the game, players skateboard on a quest to rescue Zach, who has been taken by an alien bully who wrecked the skate course. Gamers solve geometry puzzles to fix their broken skate track. This fast-paced game includes pulling off awesome tricks and collecting coins and power-ups.
Solar Skate integrates math into the storyline and covers 4th through 8th grade Math Standards – all while having fun!


Click to view the Solar Skate game trailer.


To learn more about the game, visit today!


This unique educational tool is available on iTunes for Apple iOS devices for $1.99.

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July 31, 2014

Set Your Fall Schedule!

From Monday’s inbox…

Florida Virtual School
Dear Michael,

It’s time again to set your fall schedule with innovative FLVS courses! Exciting new options have just been added, here’s a sneak peek of three!

Criminal Justice Operations 1

Explore the fields of law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system. You will acquire technical skill proficiency, industry knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, general employability skills, and occupation-specific skills needed in all aspects of law, public safety, and security careers.

Theatre, Cinema, and Film Production

Explore the elements of theater and cinematic techniques used by those who create performance productions. As you progress through the course you will view the historical development of different genres and the reasons why they were used. You will also be exposed to a detailed view of film and theater backstage operations and asked to speculate on why a director chooses certain perspectives.

M/J Careers in Fashion and Interior Design

Work with textiles and elements of design to complete projects related to fashion and interior design. You will develop leadership, communication, and employability skills as you explore design careers. During the course, you will learn resource management, basic sewing skills, clothing choices, and technology in the design industry.

Choose from other cool courses like:

  • Driver Education/Traffic Safety
  • English 4: Florida College Prep
  • HOPE
  • Peer Counseling 1
  • Personal Fitness
  • Psychology 1
  • Outdoor Education
  • Social Media 1
  • M/J Business Keyboarding
  • M/J Career Research and Decision Making
  • M/J Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Learning Strategies
  • M/J Guitar 1

Click Here to browse courses and register today!





The FLVS Team
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July 28, 2014

The Pulse Newsletter: Summer Edition

From this past Wednesday’s inbox…

Florida Virtual School
The Pulse. A newsletter for FLVS Parents and Students
The Pulse Newsletter: June and July
Dear Michael,
Your summer edition of The Pulse newsletter has arrived! Stay connected, meet several amazing students, and view the latest copy of Virge – our student magazine! You’ll also find helpful reminders to help make your FLVS experience even better:

Check out the June and July edition here!

The FLVS Team
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July 23, 2014

New Career & Technical Education Courses at FLVS

From Tuesday’s inbox…

Florida Virtual School
Get Certified with 20+ New Courses

Do you know that the fastest growing careers are all in technology? (If you know anything about FLVS, then of course you do!)

But did you also know that you can earn industry certifications through new Career and Technical Education courses at FLVS?

Through FLVS, you can now choose from 24 high school Career and Technical Education courses offering certifications from some of the most recognized companies in the world – Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle, and Microsoft.  Upon completion of these courses, you’ll be able to demonstrate to potential universities and employers that you have the most current skills within the industry!

The courses are grouped into nine specialized career clusters and lead to a variety of certifications.  Here are some of the program studies available:

Digital Media/Multimedia Design – Prepare for a career as a multimedia artist or animator. Learn specialized multimedia presentation skills, such as video editing, audio features and simple animation, and authoring of software, as well as webpage design.

Network Support Services – Learn more about network support services in the Information Technology career cluster. Focus on computer literacy, software application support, basic hardware configuration and troubleshooting, networking technologies, troubleshooting, security, and administration, as well as customer service and human relations skills.

Database and Programming Essentials – Gain knowledge and skills needed for further education and entry-level database internet/web-related careers.

To learn more about these courses and certification options, visit

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June 9, 2014

FLVS Teach Me With Minecraft Contest

An item from Friday’s inbox…

Florida Virtual School
Enter our Teach Me with Minecraft Contest!
Dear Michael,

FLVS is exploring how interactive games and activities like Minecraft can be used to make our courses even more engaging, exciting, and interesting for students.

You can help by entering our Teach Me with Minecraft contest!

The objective for the contest is simple: Build something in Minecraft that teaches something. Not sure where to start? Check out this video (especially the part at 1:54). Then stop by our tumblr page to submit your entry!

Here’s everything you’ll need to know:

  • Submissions must be original content created by YOU. Teams are awesome and totally encouraged. Be sure to credit everyone who contributed! It can be a video, image or link.

  • Submissions must “teach” us something with Minecraft. It can be anything! Something you’ve learned in your FLVS courses, a sport, a hobby…anything! Be creative!

  • Be sure to include a title, your name, email and age. Select entries/winners will be featured on,  Facebook and Instagram @floridavirtualschool.

  • The contest is now open and runs through July 18. Follow us on Facebook to view featured Minecraft creations and our winners!

Winners will be chosen for the following categories: Most Creative, Most Unique, Most Complex, Best Instruction and Grand Minecraft Master.

Spread the word and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to share your favorites!

The FLVS Team
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