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May 19, 2014

[General] GCSN Newsletter – 16 May 2014

GCSNI received this overnight this past Thursday…  One for my Kiwi readers…

GCSN Newsletter – 16 May 2014

Two important forthcoming events

N4L Update for Primary Schools

Thursday, May 22, 2014 – 15:30 – 16:30

This information session will provided important information about the N4L roll out and how this will affect your school.  We urge primary school principals or representatives to attend.

Gary Wicks from the N4L will give primary schools an update on the current N4L offering and when local schools can expect to be connected, new features and functionality as well as answering your questions.

Please register on GCSN events calendar so we can ensure we have sufficient capacity for everyone.  The last session was booked out!

Venue  –  Riccarton High School Staff Room

The Power of Windows 8 and 8.1 for Teaching and Learning

Thursday, June 5, 2014 – 15:30 – 17:00

Windows 8 is extremely intuitive and so simple to use. Come along to this session to check out great educational apps and how you can take them to the next step using Windows 8 or 8.1.

If you are thinking about upgrading your school PC’s and laptops (free under the Ministry agreement!) bring your staff along and have a look at the ease of using this rich and powerful platform.

Please register on the GCSN events calendar.

Venue –  CDC  –  99 Cashel Street

Please contact or phone 0212485485 if you have any questions about either of these two events.

April 7, 2014

[General] GCSN Newsletter – 7 April 2014

GCSNOne for my Kiwi readers…

GCSN Newsletter – 7 April 2014

Microsoft Office training 

 Unfortunately,  we have had to cancel our Microsoft Office 365 training on Wednesday 9 April because of lack of numbers.  Our apologies to the people who had enrolled.

 Can you please indicate your interest in attending these Microsoft courses in the future to

 These workshops are free and they provide a wealth of useful support for  teachers and students in  taking full advantage of the potential that this free cloud access to Microsoft Office provides.

 Microsoft has informed us that if schools in Christchurch are not interested in further training they will cancel the workshops which were planned for this year.

 N4L update  

 GCSN was delighted with the attendance of 41 secondary school personnel  at its briefing session with N4L.  The information provided by N4L was positive.  The N4L representatives stated that a number of Christchurch schools will be connected over the next few months.

 We are presently arranging for a similar session for primary schools in term two.

March 22, 2014

Press Release – A Turning Point for African Economies

This is from Thursday’s inbox…

Dear Michael,

I am contacting you about the 9th edition of the eLearning Africa conference that will take place in Kampala from May 28th – 30th, 2014.

I would like to know you would be interested publishing our press release in your website.

eLearning Africa is the largest gathering of eLearning and ICT supported education and training professionals in Africa, enabling participants to develop multinational and cross-industry contacts and partnerships, as well as to enhance their knowledge, expertise and abilities.

At eLearning Africa 2013, 1,480 education and training practitioners, experts, researchers, newcomers and providers from 65 countries gathered during the three conference days at the Safari Conference Centre, Windhoek, Namibia. 86% of the participants came from African countries. The conference programme featured the work of 300 speakers and chairpersons from 43 countries, addressing all forms of technology-enhanced learning and including a rich mix of themes, topics and a variety of session formats.

Please find enclosed our last press release and a fact sheet about the conference.

I would be happy to provide you more information.

Kind Regards,


Andrea Ricciarelli
Communications & Public Relations






March 17, 2014

[General] GCSN Newsletter – 17 March 2014

GCSNOne for my Kiwi readers…

GCSN Newsletter – 17 March 2014

Forthcoming events

Secondary champions meeting.     27 March –  1pm to 3:30pm.     CDC building, 92 Cashel St

The Network for Learning  (N4L) team is sending representatives to this meeting.  N4L will be play a critical role in IT development in New Zealand schools, especially over the next two or three years.  We strongly encourage you to attend this meeting to get further information about the roll out of N4L services in Christchurch.  Principals may wish to attend this session as well.

Please sign up on the events calendar so we know how many will be there for lunch.

 Microsoft Office 365 course.    27 March  –  3:30 to 5pm.   CDC building, 92 Cashel St

A beginners guide and introduction around the set-up of Office365 and how to access Student Advantage for schools

  •  Student Advantage and how schools can offer free Microsoft Office to their students on home owned devices.
  • The possibilities and the products that the schools have access to under Office365 and the Student Advantage offer.
  • How to access Student Advantage and the possibilities of moving to this cloud based learning environment.
  • A technical session on the basics on how to set up Office365 in your school.

Please ensure you  register on the events calendar  if you wish to attend these workshops.  Please contact or phone 0212485485

February 18, 2014

[General] GCSN Newsletter – 18 February 2014

GCSNOne for my Kiwi readers…

GCSN Newsletter – 18 February 2014

Welcome back to 2014.  The year promises much for the continued development of digital learning in schools.

GCSN will continue to be able to provide advice and guidance to all principals and other school staff through 2014.   It is available to help individual schools or clusters of schools in the following areas.

  • Resolving ICT infrastructure issues (eg cabling and wireless)
  • Purchasing appropriate ICT equipment and services
  • Sourcing teaching and learning advice
  • Planning for ICT development
  • Working with the Ministry of Education and /or N4L
  • Involving parents and the community in ICT development.

In the initial instance, this service will be provided free of charge.  A small cost will be incurred for periods beyond three hours.

An important part of GCSN’s work in 2014 is to explore the establishment of a digital hub in Christchurch to serve the needs of students who have a particular interest and strength in digital innovation.  This service we hope will be available as an after-school activity in a central venue.

The next secondary champions meeting on 27 March 2014 will feature N4L.  The N4L organisation is sending a team to Christchurch.    Champions are welcome to bring any questions about N4L to this meeting.

Please contact , , or for further information on any of the above matters.

Forthcoming events

Secondary champions meeting.     27 March –  1pm to 3:30pm    CDC building, 99 Cashel St

 Microsoft Office 365 courses.  Keep an eye of the GCSN calendar and further newsletters for details.  Please ensure you register on the website if you wish to attend these workshops.

Three sessions scheduled for March, April and June covering accessing Student Advantage programme (free MS software for students), Outlook 365 setup and administration, Using Office 365 in the classroom and an overview of Windows 8/8.1 and how it can be used in the classroom.

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